You’re nobody until some bunny loves you #shifter #romance @mlrpress

Can a werewolf hunter and a bunny shifter find love in Illinois? To me the combo is somewhat mind boggling – though kind of cute! – but the story has gotten some great reviews on Goodreads.

I loved this! I liked the first book in the Hoppity Shifter series, but I think I liked this one even better. Justin melted my heart. He was the perfect blend of innocent and fierce, confused and protective.

I wouldn’t say this is quite insta-love, but it borders on the cusp. Nevertheless, the author is able to weave in character backstory among a background of shifter politics, in a book that’s only about 30K words. Pretty impressive. I’d love to know more about shifter politics and dynamics in future books.

It was cute, it was sweet, it was funny. It’s a great, low-angst, summertime read, and we even get a peek into how the MC’s from Chasing His Cottontail (book 1) are doing.

This sounds like a perfect beach read. It’s funny, cute and not overly dramatic. Ah, young love. Let’s hear it for the cottontail men! Here is the cover:

This book is on sale now at Amazon, MLR Press and all other ebook outlets.

Enjoy! And like mom said, always eat your carrots!


Incubus can’t keep his hands off 2 women in #Halloween #menage #shifter by @shilohsaddler

Having an incubus for a boss can present some real challenges. Especially when every night is a party night at the club! But this Halloween, it’s going to be different. Mr. hot and sexy steps out of his box and gets down and dirty on the desk with his employee and her shifter friend. Something tells me it won’t be the only time these three get together….

Here’s more about it:



Shifting Sensations by Shiloh Saddler

The Halloween bash at the Shifting Sensations nightclub is the paranormal event of the year. Incubus nightclub owner Ruger is on the prowl for two playmates to liven his evening — dare he allow one to be his employee?




The evening roared on autopilot until the shifter pole dancing competition. His mouth dropped open when Daniella climbed up on the stage and straddled that pole between her legs. He ran his fingers through his hair, eyes glued to her as she twirled and rocked showing off all her curves. Spinning up the pole she turned upside down her mane of blonde hair flowing. She was making love to that pole and he was jealous. Her dress rode up her thighs leaving little to the imagination. Underneath her dress she wore a G-string.

As the judge of the shifter pole dancing contest Daniella would win hands down. A wickedly fun idea crossed his mind. He hadn’t publicized what the prize would be. When the crowd roared at the end of her dance he no longer worried about being accused of favoritism. The whole club agreed that Daniella had won.

Breathing hard, her chest heaved as she left the stage. Hurrying up the steps, he almost grabbed her as he passed. There was no need for her to walk all the way down and then come up again. Though, he didn’t want to make a scene in front of everyone.  He was a very private man.

“Let’s give all the lovely ladies who danced for us a Halloween howl.” He cupped his hands around his mouth and howled along with all the patrons. “This year’s dance winner is not a werewolf.” This elicited some boos as he knew it would. “Daniella Stapleton, please come up the stage and take a bow.”

Daniella’s eyes widened and she placed a hand on her chest. “I won?”

“Yes.” He waved for her to come back up on stage.

She hurried to claim the spotlight, grinning. “I will award Miss Stapleton her prize privately as I accidentally left it in my office.” Some of the audience booed but he cared less. “Please give our winner another round of applause.” They clapped, cheered, and howled again. “Now that concludes tonight’s special entertainment. The Halloween party will continue till closing so please enjoy yourselves.”

Taking Daniella’s arm he escorted her off the stage. “I think that was the best performance we’ve ever had at the nightclub.”

She blushed. “Thank you.”

He led her to his office, unspelled the door, and allowed her to enter first. After she had seated herself in the large black office chair, he peeked his head out of the door and called for Aubrey.

Tonight could either go terribly wrong or terribly right.




Everywhere else

3 #GLBT excerpts from Sexy to Go Paranormal #PNR @sofiagreyauthor @shilohsaddler

In the latest volume of Sexy to Go we have 3 gay romance stories. I’m sharing excerpts from all of them today. Read on!

Displaced by Sofia Grey


Cast out by his race for taking a male lover, Henare lives as a man during daylight hours. At sunset he returns to the sea, to take his place as an immortal guardian of the water, the feared Taniwha. He’s never allowed anyone to get close, until TJ comes along.

Can this young man tame the mighty sea monster?

* * *

Portrait of a beautiful young muscular man leaning against a tree in nature

“I’m glad you came back,” I replied.

He scrambled to his feet, a hopeful look in his eyes. “The way you disappeared last night. I thought, well, yeah. I couldn’t be sure.” He gave an awkward one-shouldered shrug.

He’d come back, that was what mattered, and I didn’t want him to doubt that. “Be sure of this.” I curled one hand gently in his T-shirt— so soft— and tugged him toward me. He moved fluidly to stand close, our mouths just inches apart. I could smell something sweet on his breath. “I don’t like girls either.”

His answering smile was a thing of beauty.

It felt like the most natural thing to lean into TJ, and claim his lips, even while alarm bells shrieked inside my head. I never kissed. That implied more than physical lust, more of a connection, just more. I wanted to fuck him, that was all. I was about to pull back and say something, when he made a broken sound in his throat and opened up to me. His tongue flicked over mine, and I was scorched in a blast of heat.

Sweet, hot and enticing, I wanted more. My cock pulsed with need, and I flexed my hips to brush against his denims. A shockwave of sensation flooded me and I knew in that moment, I had to have him.


Half-Breed Wolf by Shiloh Saddler


Lance is kicked out of his pack and as a parting blow his Alpha prohibits him from shifting. When he is thrust into Oliver’s presence he doesn’t trust the wolf but the chemistry between them is undeniable. Will Lance find another place to belong or will Oliver slight the half-breed, too?

* * *

For a long minute Lance stood naked before him. His lean muscles shaped his desirable Shirtless African American Man with Hand to Headbuild and Oliver sensed he’d be sleek and agile in wolf form. He had powerful legs for his smaller stature. Appraising the shifter from the ankles up, he took in all the man had to offer, eyeing his cock like it already belonged to him.

Lance inhaled sharply but did not move from where he’d planted his feet, shoulder width apart, strong and proud. Yes, Lance had every right to be proud. His body would make every female swoon from miles around.

Except, lucky for him, the Omega wasn’t interested in finding a wife.

Lance closed his eyes and dropped to all fours. Oliver instantly thought of what he wanted to do with the wolf in that position. He mentally groaned. Later. When the time was right.


Huck’s Finn by Eva Lefoy


Colton is an alpha wolf through and through but when he makes decisions for his mate, he runs into trouble. At an all-night truck stop, Luka is prepared to stand his ground and prove to Colton he’s gone too far. But when the all-too distracting Finn walks in, followed by his gigantic mate, the evening takes a swift turn. With all four men naked in their bedroom, will Colton give Luka all he wants?


guy pulls clothes

“Hey, man. Sorry about your … guy … being an ass and all.”

Luka’s nose twitched, scenting the man standing next to his table as another wolf. From another pack, possibly a rival one. He wondered if Colton had made him out, too. Looking up, he gave the man a light once-over. Straight reddish blonde hair flopped over one eye, black leather jacket, face with a long hawkish nose. The voice he used had been surprisingly gravelly. Luka had expected to see an older man. This guy was probably late twenties to thirty with an unassuming demeanor and an easy, if quirky smile. He swallowed down hesitation and engaged in the conversation. “Yeah, it’s a pain when your mate’s not so good with his social conduct.”

The wolf laughed. “So he’s your mate, huh? Tough luck there. What’d he do to piss you off this time?”

God, it was if the guy could read his mind. All night Luka had been stuck on the fact Colton had this streak of idiotic superiority in him a mile wide that never seemed to get better. He always stuck his paw in his mouth and then had the balls to hold his head high. It killed him every time being on the receiving end of his bullshit. “He told my parents I was gay.”

* * *

Be sure to check out the rest of these stories in the latest issue of Sexy to Go!

Sexy To Go PNR_Flat

Can this witch save the #monster prince? #PNR new release #FREE on #KU

This book is currently FREE on KU and will be FREE for everyone each Saturday in April.

Loch Ness Monster cover



During a visit to Loch Ness a talented witch raises the spirit of the castle’s former prince. Determined to rescue him from his cursed existence she must destroy the Loch Ness monster before it drowns her in the lake’s murky depths. When magic fails, is she bold enough to claim her eternal mate or will she die his unwitting victim?

Excerpt: featuring yummy dream sexiness!

Gasping, she broke the kiss and gazed up at him in wonder. From their last encounter she’d not pictured him as her lover, and yet…

He groaned as he slid two fingers inside her, pumping them in out her channel. His lips returned to hers, more demanding this time. His other hand cradled the back of her head and leaving no doubt who controlled their lovemaking. Any thought she had to stall their coupling vanished into thin air. He ground against her, and she into his hand.

“Robert,” she breathed.

“Yes, my wife.” His lips traveled over her chin and down her neck to her breast. Pushing her dress away, he sucked her nipple until her back raised off the bed. Down below, his talented fingers molded against her body giving her every sensation she needed. With scant more provocation, she’d come.

Moving to the other breast, he lavished the rosy bud with the same treatment before groaning in her ear and rutting hard against her leg. His near loss of control spun hers on its axis. She came, flooding his hand and bucking her hips until every sensation proved too strong for her to bear. When she’d collapsed on the bed he rose up, opened his leggings and positioned himself with his cockhead nudging her entrance. Gazing at her as though rapt in her beauty, he entered her with a quick jab.

Having him inside her shouldn’t have felt that good. It should have made her question her sanity or perhaps force her to wake up from the dream. Instead, she wrapped her arms around him and splayed her legs wider as if her body craved his touch. “Yes, Robert.”

He hovered over her, his expression dire. “Nothing will separate us, Marion. For time immemorial. Say so, and may it be true.”

The urgency in his words struck her first, then the tone. Almost as though it carried magic, or perhaps the ability to seal their fates together, so strong was his love. At that moment, she knew. Robert had been her husband in a past life, and the child she’d seen was their son. She would be drawn to him always and forever. If she wanted no part of this, she had to say to say so now. Yet her tongue refused.

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