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We’ve been having some good download numbers on our re-release of Sexy to Go, Volume 1. The boxed set is FREE for download at all out. Check it out while you can.

Today I’m bringing you a taste of what Volume 1 offers.

This excerpt is from: Faking it by Sofia Grey

Volume1Flat“Mmm. I’d use a silk scarf on you. Soft, but very strong.” His finger rose to touch my forehead. “Eyes closed.”

I complied.

“I can see you now, sprawled on a lounger, wearing nothing but a black, string bikini. Cabana boys flocking round you, all wanting to be the one that brings your drinks.”

“I like the sound of that.”

“I’d glare at them all. I’d be on the lounger next to yours, and we’d be sweltering in the sun together. I’d reach for a bottle of lotion and offer to do your back.”

He paused, and I hastened to answer. “Yes.”

“The lotion would be cool, but I’d warm it on my palms first. It smells like coconut and something deeply floral. Frangipani maybe. You’d lie on your stomach and I’d unfasten the string that holds your top together. My fingers brush against your skin and you shiver.”

I knew he moved closer. It felt as though we were just inches apart, his voice a sensuous rumble. “I smooth the lotion across your shoulders first, up to the base of your neck, and then back down. Slowly, with all the time in the world, I work my way down your spine. This is turning into more of a massage, and I make sure every inch of skin has lotion stroked into it. I reach the dip at the base of your spine, and bend forward to drop a kiss there. You tremble. Your skin tastes of salt, and a hint of lime, and takes me back to when I drank a tequila shot from there, the night before.”

Body shots. I’d never done that.

I would with him. My pulse skittered, and I dragged in a ragged breath.

“I can’t stop touching you. I slide my hands up your sides, and brush the outer curve of your breasts. You quiver at my touch.” I couldn’t help it, I trembled at the thought. I could see it in my head. Could feel his hands on me. Damn, it felt good.

* * * * * * * * *

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#FREE read – Follow my Lead a #BBW ballroom dance short available now on #Smashwords

Follow My Lead Other Sites

I wrote this short story a while ago for submission to BTS, but they did not accept it since it wasn’t PG-13. Well, if you know me that’s hardly a surprise!

It is a bit tame by comparison to my other works, but it’s fun and it’s free and it won’t take much time to read. Besides, it’s exactly how I’d feel if I applied for a job at a strip club! At least I don’t have a smoking grandmother to live with….


Thanks to the economic downturn, Cassie lost her job months ago and is living with her grandmother. Desperate to get her life back on track, she applies for a job as a stripper. But Cassie is plus-sized and competition is fierce. When the skinny girls are hired, Cassie’s heartbroken. Until mysterious dark-haired dancer Joaquin shows her what her body can really do – if she’ll only follow his lead.

This is a short, free, PG-13 (as clean as I can make it!!!) read.

It’s currently available on Smashwords and will be uploaded to Amazon soon! https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/497551

Also available on

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11 #FREE short #GAY #SciFi reads – Tyre’s Dilemma #erotic obsession

Snatch a few minutes in your weekend and grab a glass of wine. Settle back on the couch or in the lounge chair and read some FREE gay scifi courtesy of Gay Sci-Fi blog. I have a short story there that’s a prequel to Seducing Kayn, out now at all major ebook outlets. Here’s the link to the FREE reads:


In the story, we meet commander Tyre, who has a certain obsession with his second officer, Kayn. The question is, what’s he going to do about it?

Here’s more about Seducing Kayn:

Seducing Kayn OTHER SITES

A tale of lust and betrayal told from three men’s perspectives….

With his lover sentenced to die, Kayn has no choice but to go to his commanding officer and beg for a pardon. But when he arrives, he’s drugged and seduced into Tyre’s bed instead. Once there, Kayn discovers Tyre’s hidden secret, and his long-simmering attraction to his superior ignites. Driven by his new-found passion, their lovemaking breaks ship protocols and there will be hell to pay. When the drug wears off, Kayn makes a new bargain: he’ll move into his captain’s bed if Tyre will let Rhace live. Tyre agrees, but their plans are thwarted by an unexpected enemy arrival.

Privileged Rhace detests everything about shipboard life. He barely tolerates his lower-status lover, Kayn, and worries Tyre is out to get him. But when Tyre hands him a dream job – spying on their enemy at the pleasure planet New Dheni – he accepts with glee, planning to abandon his post for good. When he meets the A’Chati prince, he falls head over heels for a man his equal, only to find he’s been set up. Arrested as a traitor, he’s headed to the gallows until his sexually acrobatic A’Chati lover shows up to rescue him. But for Rhace, the last minute reprieve will cost him the very thing he desires most: his freedom.

Tyre has tried for years to come to terms with his longing for Kayn but failed miserably. With Rhace out of his hair for good – dead or alive – he seizes his chance to act. Tyre will do anything to get Kayn into his arms, even drug them both into a lustful stupor, but afterwards, can he convince Kayn to stay or does his heart truly belong to the aristocratic Rhace? Tortured by his own needs and fears, Tyre turns to his crutch of self-inflicted pain to ease his anguish only to find that this time, he’s gone too far and only Kayn can save him.
Warning: contains overactive waste disposal units, unusual alien sexual abilities, self-torture of male sensitive parts, and high-energy virtual reality space lovin’

Amazon Buy link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00MAFLI8G

Have a good weekend!