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11 new erotic romance stories by women for women. Let your wild side out for a hot read!

Pamela Moran
Dreamwalker: Lost Souls
Home is where the heart is, but not for Dreamwalker Kurt Walters. He needs to face his past, however, facing Emma Maitland is not part of his equation. Can they come to terms with his tragic history or will they remain forever trapped in the past?

Virginnia De Parte
Landscapes of Love, Part 3
Raffety Blake, gardener extraordinaire, suggests they visit Sally’s friends and collect forest floor for her garden. From the gleam in his eye Sally hoped he had other plans for their day in the bush.

Sofia Grey
One Night in Her Arms
When Hannah meets Daniel, the angel investor saving her business, she can’t stop thinking about him. It’s not just because he’s gorgeous, she swears they’ve met before. So why can’t she remember him?

Jocelyn Dex
Seduced by a Stranger
When she’s propositioned by a stranger with a sexy southern drawl, will she give in to desire and let him show her what she never knew her body craved?

Allie Ritch
Breeding Season (a Children of Nanook story)
For the Children of Nanook—shifters who can take the form of the deadly frost bear—passions run high during breeding season. Desna has already chosen the mate of her heart, but can Karpok defeat the male who wants to take her from him?

Daisy Banks
The Weather Man
Claire Andrews retains her lifelong fascination with the weather. Her job of senior meteorologist and TV presenter proves her skill. She also has her predecessor as mentor, lover and joint explorer of the senses. A match made by mutual need and respect offers her all kinds of experiences with her Weather Man.

Leigh Ellwood
Who needs something borrowed or blue? When Dara learns of her fiance’s shenanigans, she decides to do something wild.

Shiloh Saddler
Role Reversal, Part 1
Before the Civil War, Andrew had deep feelings for Robert, but he couldn’t express his desires to his master. When the family fled Atlanta, he ran away to obtain his freedom.

Ten years later, Andrew discovers Robert working in a brothel in New Orleans. Andrew is now a wealthy businessman, their roles reversed. Will Robert forgive his betrayal?

Kathryn Lively
Geek Overboard, Part 4
The sea rarely gives up secrets, but on the Atlantic Princess it appears a few will be revealed. Are Daws and Natalie’s days as a fake married couple numbered?

Eva Lefoy
Rekindling the Flame
Paul and Marcy have let work get in the way of their intimacy for far too long. Finally Paul decides he’s had enough and whisks Marcy away for the weekend to rekindle the flame before it’s too late.

Haley Whitehall
Red Calico
Marshal Tom Gibson is tasked with escorting the governor’s daughter from the stage station to a hotel. The short ride should be harmless, but her presence threatens his life and his heart.




Richard #Castle one hot #beta male. Can we all just admit we love them? with @haleywhitehall & #giveaway

Richard Castle One Hot Beta Male

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with alpha males sometimes beta males make the best partners. After all it depends on the woman and their chemistry. My current favorite TV show is Castle. I have a crush on Nathan Fillion!

In case you haven’t seen Castle, Nathan Fillion plays a crime writer who accompanies his muse, Detective Kate Beckett, as she hauls in the bad guys and brings them to justice. There is no doubt that Kate is the alpha in their relationship and yet Castle uses his charms, sense of humor and intelligence to help her solve cases, keep her safe, and romance her.

I think there is a misconception that beta males are weak. Richard Castle is a hot beta male. The character has many faults but being weak is not one of them. More than once he has come to Kate’s rescue.

When I write romance I have a tendency to write beta males. Sometimes I feel the need to make them more alpha during editing and other times I just leave them the way they are. Lucas Grady in Soldier in Her Lap is a beta male. Throughout the story Sophia learns about Lucas’s true nature/character … and falls in love with him. Lucas comes across as human. He isn’t seven feet tall with superhero muscles. I hope my readers will fall in love with him, too.

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Trapped by her alcoholic, abusive father, Sophia Carpenter longs to escape her life of drudgery on her father’s dirt farm in Clark Springs, Georgia. Making matters worse, her father’s scared off every man who tried to call on her. She longs for freedom, but with the Civil War raging, even fewer men are available to fulfill her dreams—unless a soldier landed in her lap.


Conscripted into a war he never wanted to fight, Lucas Grady is tired of battle and refuses to lay his life down for a lost cause. After a musket ball tears through his leg, he deserts from the ambulance wagon rather than risk a field surgeon’s saw. He barely makes it to Sophia’s farm before collapsing.


The wounded soldier’s arrival seems like a dream come true, but first she must save him from his injuries—and her father. As forbidden attraction blooms between them, they will have to struggle to survive. Can their love overcome so many obstacles or will they become another casualty of the War Between the States?




Finally, she couldn’t stand it any longer and turned around to face him. He leaned near her, their lips perilously close again. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her to him, away from the stove. Her chest pressed against his and their connection grew stronger. He claimed her lips, harder this time. Shutting her eyes, she mewled. His lips roamed down her neck and then back to her mouth, acting like he couldn’t kiss her enough. Did she taste as good as he did?


He caressed her back. It was wrong for him to touch her like that, she should tell him to stop, it wasn’t right, but she couldn’t. Damn propriety, she wanted him. When he grabbed her bottom, her eyes shot open. He pressed her against him, grinding their pelvises together.


“Do you feel what you do to me, Sophia?” he asked in a husky voice.


His arousal pressed hard into her skirts and her mound moistened. “Yes,” she breathed.


How long would they have to court before they got married? This felt so good. She couldn’t wait to actually make love with him. How long would Lucas be able to stay with them? Surely he was bound to rejoin his regiment soon. Lucas would have to leave when Papa got back, if he didn’t go before.


He continued to press her against him until they were both panting. She wanted more but didn’t dare ask. Despite her longing to know what lovemaking was like, she wasn’t a whore like Papa implied. Suddenly Lucas pushed away from her.


“What’s wrong?” she asked, missing the heat of his body, the strength and tenderness in his touch.


“Your stew’s smoking.”


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Haley Whitehall lives in Washington State where she enjoys all four seasons and the surrounding wildlife. She writes historical romance set in the 19th century U.S. When she is not researching or writing, she plays with her cats, watches the Western and History Channels, and goes antiquing. She is hoping to build a time machine so she can go in search of her prince charming. A good book, a cup of coffee, and a view of the mountains make her happy.


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To Alpha male or not to #Alphamale, with guest Haley Whitehall #civilwar #historical #romance

My guest author today is Haley Whitehall, who is here to talk about the 2nd book in her Midnight Romance series, out now from Liquid Silver Books:

Haley's Portrait for Slider

I know most romance readers love alpha males. I love my alpha males, too. Not all women can be wooed the same way—sometimes a woman needs a lighter touch and a softer approach. George is an alpha male who rescues Allison from a burning house. Woo-hoo manly hero! If I was trapped in a burning house I think I’d fall in love with the sexy firefighter who carried me to safety. Okay, enough about me, back to George. He isn’t a firefighter. He works as a roustabout loading and unloading steamboats. While along the waterfront he sees a house on fire and runs toward it to see if he can help. As soon as he sees Allison he instantly wants to protect and take care of her.

Unfortunately due to the abuse in her past Allison is wary of men. George is patient and tries his best to understand her. She wants to takes things slowly and he agrees. He submits to her needs as a show of how much he loves her.

It isn’t easy for him to let her take the lead, but the sacrifice was an easy choice for him to make. Love endures all things, and in Midnight Heat George and Allison’s burgeoning relationship is constantly tested.

Can George win Allison over? Or will her troubled past find a way to keep them apart?


Living in St. Louis, Missouri is a nightmare for Allison. It is 1868, but for her slavery never ended. After enduring years of abuse, she reaches her breaking point. She sees a fiery death as her only escape. She did not expect to live through the night, but George came to her rescue and changed her plans. Now she has a chance to fulfill her dream of falling in love and having a normal relationship with a handsome black man. But will he accept her with her baggage and the dark secrets from her past?

At eighteen, George is ready to make his own way in the world. He leaves his brother’s farm and gets a job as a roustabout. Working on the Mississippi River gives him the freedom he craves. Going ashore one night he sees a shack along the waterfront on fire. He never expected to find a beautiful colored woman trapped inside. Protective instincts kicking in, he instantly wants to be her man and take care of her.

Will he be able to gain her trust and love or will the memories of Allison’s painful past burn their relationship to cinders before it has begun?


The acrid smoke seared her nostrils. Now billowing across the room she could barely see. Her eyes burned. Her throat burned. Her chest burned.

She closed her eyes and prayed for freedom.

The windowpane broke. A large shadow lumbered over the broken glass. Was this the grim reaper?

“Anyone here?” a male voice called.

Allison tried to respond but all she could do was cough. The man stepped quickly across the hot wood floor, carefully making his way to her. He held a wet rag to his mouth.

He glanced at the chain on her ankle then over at her jailor lying still on the floor. “Where is the key?”

Allison blinked at the young black man towering over her. “Around his neck,” she said in a raspy voice.

The man retrieved the key and Mr. Grier didn’t stir. This stranger unlocked the leg iron, picked her up into his arms, and carried her out of the cabin.

Stunned, Allison struggled to comprehend what was happening. Strong arms cradled her. She rested her head against his rippled chest. Only the cotton shirt he wore kept her from feeling his skin. Her stomach fluttered with a combination of fear and delight. She felt safe for the first time since she was a little girl. She closed her eyes as it dawned on her how dangerous that safe feeling was. She shouldn’t feel safe. After all, she didn’t know him. She couldn’t trust him.

She wanted to tell him to put her down and leave her here, but her mouth couldn’t form the words. It took all of her strength just to breathe.

She wasn’t worth saving. Still, this man was rescuing her, being a hero.

Her head ached and she closed her eyes. This had to be a dream, a hallucination. This stranger seemed to come out of nowhere, but this wasn’t the type of freedom she had been expecting. Or even wanting.

God obviously had other plans for her. Would she learn to like them better?

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Haley Whitehall lives in Washington State where she enjoys all four seasons and the surrounding wildlife. She writes historical fiction and historical romance set in the 19th century U.S. When she is not researching or writing, she plays with her cats, watches the Western and History Channels, and goes antiquing. She is hoping to build a time machine so she can go in search of her prince charming. A good book, a cup of coffee, and a view of the mountains make her happy. Visit Haley’s website at

Haley loves to connect with readers. You can find her here:





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