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Happy almost-spring. Can it just get here already? The melting snow has created lakes in my backyard and you could do the backstroke to my front door! I sure hope we have formidable delivery men for the next week or two!

That said, it’s nearly Valentines Day and there is hope that after this fine event, the weather will turn warmer. To further heat things up, today I bring you an excerpt from Leigh Ellwood’s story, the Dares that Bind.



Rather than appease her, Alton drew his hand away and unbuckled his slacks. Vic watched with fascination as the dark material slid to the floor to reveal taut, tanned legs supporting an impressive bulge hidden by white briefs. Alton stepped free of the puddle, leaving his loafers behind as he came closer.

He pushed down the elastic band and released his erection. Vic’s mouth opened slightly, marveling at the cock’s length and girth. Perhaps it was a trick of proximity that Alton appeared this huge, but when Alton pointed the reddening tip toward her lips she learned quickly this man had been blessed with more than just confidence.

Alton released his grip, bringing his hands to curl around the post. “Take me into your mouth,” he ordered. “I won’t help you, but I will warn you when I’m about to come, and when I do I want you to swallow me whole.”

“Yes, sir.” Her mouth watered at the prospect of taking that cock between her lips, yet his pending climax worried her. While she had experience with oral sex, she couldn’t anticipate her performance, or the taste of his climax since she’d never before swallowed. Would an involuntary action like vomiting count as disobedience? She didn’t want to come this far only to embarrass herself like that.

Yet, one whiff of his masculine scent and the fluttering in her stomach solidified to a steady, ravenous rumbling. Her tongue shot out to first sample the delicate skin, tracing one raised vein to the circumcised crown. A bead of precum formed at the slit and she wiped him clean, savoring the tangy flavor. This may prove enjoyable for both of them, she decided.

She kept her eyes open as she craned her neck forward and captured him, inhaling and enjoying his musk. Alton went down smoothly, and she bobbed her head slowly forward, then back, creating a delicious friction between her tightened lips. Because of her submissive position and the way his body bent toward her, she found it possible to gauge his facial reaction to her performance. She wanted to please him and bring him to release, and not just for the possibility of an orgasmic reward. She missed sex, any and all types, and found though this intimate pleasure a renewed desire for more. Right now, the only clues she had to go on were the occasional ecstatic grunts from above her.

Vic built up a rhythm of pressure as she took his cock. Forward slowly, lips pursed, then back with some slack, gently raking her teeth against him. Alton pulsed and jerked inside her, and she watched his legs twitch at various intervals, guessing his climax neared. It wasn’t long before Alton informed her to prepare for him, and when he came he released a stream of salty cum that she sucked back hungrily, as though she’d been starved for weeks.

His deep bellow faded into silence and his body crumpled slightly into her. Vic sensed him vibrating and watched his body heave with quickened breaths until he finally calmed. All this time, she kept him inside her until he backed away. His cock, flaccid yet still impressive in length, slid free and she licked him from her lips.

One deep breath, and the smooth operator demeanor that so entranced her returned.


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Sexy to Go volume 4 Excerpt: @Daisybanks16 brings the #scifi #erotica #99cents



I’m a sucker for sci-fi. In fact, I’m such a big science fiction fan that I’m considering making it my go-to genre. We’ll see. I have plenty of time to decide, right?

For now, I’m loving the SFR I’m reading. I feel fortunate to have Daisy Banks in the Sexy to Go group bringing the alien sexyness! Here’s an excerpt:

Excerpt: Rewriting the Law (part 2)

By Daisy Banks

Elana wiped her finger against her sweaty upper lip and peered into his eyes. She studied the attractive wide planes of his features and searched for what she hoped might be some further explanation in his expression. No answers met her, and with a tormented mewl, unable to stop, for the compulsion for more of his touch proved unbearable, she hooked her thigh around his. His smile widened as she settled her anguished pussy against his broad thigh muscle and pressed hard.

“There, that’s right,” he said, his lips forming a kissable line. “Yes, you need pleasuring.” He caressed down her back with his large hands while he made soft sounds of encouragement. “You’re almost ready, just wait a little more and I’ll cure your pains.”

Delighted by his words, yet shamed by the unnatural level of her need, she couldn’t keep still. Whimpering, she pushed against his thigh in an effort to soothe her agitated burning clitoris.

The water she’d drunk made her feel like this? Impossible. Surely, he must be lying.

She tried her best to ignore his arousing, spicy aroma in the air, and the fact she stood only in her boots with her thighs stretched so wide.

Being naked in her skin was nothing to fear. While a cadet she’d undergone many endurance tests, and faced worse since, but when he cupped her buttocks and took control setting her hips to move in a rotating rhythm, her temperature shot up and the tingles between her thighs grew hotter still. An agony of need made her roll her hips at his urging until her polished clitoris responded in belly churning throbs.

The insistent ache of her nipples forced her rub her breasts against his chest. Her craving for more of him rose to an insistent demand.

Analysis of her body found the warmth of his hands needed. When he stroked over her more firmly, the sensation was necessary, like a medication for an illness. Her flesh ached for his, she required him to give her something, but she wasn’t quite sure what.

Through the tangled strand of her desire understanding of what she wanted came. Her recollection of training manuals in cadet learning bought comprehension and wedge of cold fear to cool her ravenous pussy.

She had no right to mate. The official protocol to do so had never been presented to her. If this male mated her, Toldek alone knew what might happen when she returned to Melan. A fresh thought flashed into the confusion. Damn it all, she didn’t care what happened on Melan. If she must face an inquiry on her return it didn’t matter. Nothing else mattered if this Jagan would give her what she longed for.

He could satisfy her passion—that was what she needed. She shook her head unable to aaccept her body demanded his take possession of it.

But he must. He had to mate her. The only cure would come from him. She must have him.

Oh, great god Toldek let it be now.




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Sexy to Go volume 4 Excerpt: @sofiagreyauthor brings the Rock Star romance #99cents



That photo makes me think of wet men, but I’m about to eat chocolate ice cream. Do the two go together? Absolutely! Like rock stars and groupies. Wait. Did someone say rock stars?

Following is an excerpt of Sofia Grey’s story about a rock star an his girlfriend that takes place in a lingerie store dressing room!


Excerpt: A Proper Rock Chick (A Daisy & Charlie story)

By Sofia Grey

I sank onto the padded seat. Christ. This little antique-looking chair probably cost more than a year of my salary. They’d left me with a satin robe to wear, and I clutched the front to hold it across my chest. I was trapped in lingerie hell.

I’d barely wriggled into the first set, a silky bra in muted silver with black lace panels, matching panties and a garter belt with black stockings, when I heard a knock at the door. I tugged the robe back on, and called a reply. “Yes?”

I didn’t know whether to be amused or shocked when Charlie strolled in and locked the door behind him.

“But… what… you can’t come in here.” My voice rose to a squeak.

He just grinned, and my heart contracted at the sight. I swore his smile could melt glaciers. I still had to pinch myself sometimes, to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. Me and Charlie Jones. It was unreal.

I tried to look cross, but it didn’t have any effect. Without a care in the world he reached out and plucked the robe open, peeking at what lay beneath.

“Whoa.” He sounded genuinely surprised and I felt embarrassed all over again. God. Where was the hole in the ground when you needed it?

He didn’t say anything else and I died a thousand deaths. The silence stretched on.

Glancing down at myself, I felt a pang of disappointment. The bra had done a magnificent job of taming my breasts, while black stockings worked wonders for making my legs appear slim. But I still couldn’t compare. I was like a baby elephant in comparison to the waifs he normally dated. I raised agonized eyes to look at him, scared at seeing distaste, or worse, on his face.

Instead, he eased the robe back from my shoulders, sliding it to the floor in a soft swirl of fabric. His gaze was intent. He studied me as you might examine a rare piece of art.

“Jesus, Daisy. You look beyond stunning.” His voice was hoarse. What? I felt shy now. His hands caressed me, stroking the soft fabric, turning me to look at the back view, the sides, staring at the fine details. His hot fingers slipped inside the stocking tops, inside the panties.

I gulped. Desire, swift and urgent poured through me. “Charlie,” I whispered. “You can’t do that. Not here.”

“I told them to leave us alone. We can do whatever we like.”

I laughed and clapped a hand over my mouth. His eyes darkened under my gaze. The air felt charged between us.

Whatever we liked? Surely not that.

“I’ve never wanted anyone like I want you, Daisy.” His voice was a rough whisper. “And now, seeing you so beautiful before me, I have to have you.”

I hesitated. Did he mean here? In the changing room? Heat uncurled in my gut, and the breath caught in my throat.

“Come here.” He pulled me into his arms, kissing my throat, and moving up to take my lips. It scorched me even before he slanted his mouth and eased me closer. Our bodies pressed together, my silk clad breasts against his shirt, our hips and thighs touching all the way down.

“Do you want me, Daisy?” His whisper brushed against my ear. I closed my eyes, the electric sensation of his breath against my skin sending a fresh wave of shocks down my body.

God, yes.”



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