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Happy almost-spring. Can it just get here already? The melting snow has created lakes in my backyard and you could do the backstroke to my front door! I sure hope we have formidable delivery men for the next week or two!

That said, it’s nearly Valentines Day and there is hope that after this fine event, the weather will turn warmer. To further heat things up, today I bring you an excerpt from Leigh Ellwood’s story, the Dares that Bind.



Rather than appease her, Alton drew his hand away and unbuckled his slacks. Vic watched with fascination as the dark material slid to the floor to reveal taut, tanned legs supporting an impressive bulge hidden by white briefs. Alton stepped free of the puddle, leaving his loafers behind as he came closer.

He pushed down the elastic band and released his erection. Vic’s mouth opened slightly, marveling at the cock’s length and girth. Perhaps it was a trick of proximity that Alton appeared this huge, but when Alton pointed the reddening tip toward her lips she learned quickly this man had been blessed with more than just confidence.

Alton released his grip, bringing his hands to curl around the post. “Take me into your mouth,” he ordered. “I won’t help you, but I will warn you when I’m about to come, and when I do I want you to swallow me whole.”

“Yes, sir.” Her mouth watered at the prospect of taking that cock between her lips, yet his pending climax worried her. While she had experience with oral sex, she couldn’t anticipate her performance, or the taste of his climax since she’d never before swallowed. Would an involuntary action like vomiting count as disobedience? She didn’t want to come this far only to embarrass herself like that.

Yet, one whiff of his masculine scent and the fluttering in her stomach solidified to a steady, ravenous rumbling. Her tongue shot out to first sample the delicate skin, tracing one raised vein to the circumcised crown. A bead of precum formed at the slit and she wiped him clean, savoring the tangy flavor. This may prove enjoyable for both of them, she decided.

She kept her eyes open as she craned her neck forward and captured him, inhaling and enjoying his musk. Alton went down smoothly, and she bobbed her head slowly forward, then back, creating a delicious friction between her tightened lips. Because of her submissive position and the way his body bent toward her, she found it possible to gauge his facial reaction to her performance. She wanted to please him and bring him to release, and not just for the possibility of an orgasmic reward. She missed sex, any and all types, and found though this intimate pleasure a renewed desire for more. Right now, the only clues she had to go on were the occasional ecstatic grunts from above her.

Vic built up a rhythm of pressure as she took his cock. Forward slowly, lips pursed, then back with some slack, gently raking her teeth against him. Alton pulsed and jerked inside her, and she watched his legs twitch at various intervals, guessing his climax neared. It wasn’t long before Alton informed her to prepare for him, and when he came he released a stream of salty cum that she sucked back hungrily, as though she’d been starved for weeks.

His deep bellow faded into silence and his body crumpled slightly into her. Vic sensed him vibrating and watched his body heave with quickened breaths until he finally calmed. All this time, she kept him inside her until he backed away. His cock, flaccid yet still impressive in length, slid free and she licked him from her lips.

One deep breath, and the smooth operator demeanor that so entranced her returned.


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Get your #spank on!

Latin Beauty

Oh yes, you know you want to! And we’ve got some great stories coming up in the Spanking edition of Sexy to Go.

Sexy to Go Spanking edition includes these 10 sexy stories:


M/F pairings


The Naughty Secretary by Landra Graf


Benji had Friday night plans with his Dom, until his boss made him work late. So what happens when the Dom shows up at the office? All manner of naughty things.



Noisy Neighbor by Jocelyn Dex


When Ali confronts her noisy neighbor, tensions rise and things get heated…



Mergers & Acquisitions by Sorcha Mowbray blondr submissive smaller


When a business man can’t get his sexy acquisitions specialist out of his head, he must have her in his bed and at his mercy. Can she let go of her hard won power long enough to relax and give him the control he craves?



Clockwork Dom by Shiloh Saddler


A lost succubus arrives in an incubus’s den who has a fetish for torture and discovers his mechanical and steam powered playroom. If she is to feast upon the sexual essence of the humans in his stable she must play along too.



The First Time by Daisy Banks


Pam discovers all her hopes of happiness may come true as long as she can live with what she’s asked for. Mike’s has plans for their future if things work out right. This is his woman, his one, and she’s asked him for everything he’s longed to give her.



Deep Sleep by Eva Lefoy


Fresh from her visit to Utai, human explorer and thrill-seeker, Prishka, boards an intergalactic shuttle bound for Talu Prime. Though she’ll spend much of the 16-month voyage in stasis, a sexy telepathic passenger promises her Deep Sleep will be anything but boring…


Woman's body on black background

GLBT pairings


Just Desserts by Tara Quan


After messing up in a big way, Allison Chen attempts to bribe her lover with a box of cupcakes. Felicity has a far more delicious form of restitution in mind—one involving a crop, camera, and vibrating toy.



Jen & Maddy by Cathy Pegau
Musician Maddy helps grad student girlfriend Jen with her Ph.D project on recording sound and images directly from the brain. Will what Jen picks up have her run screaming or take their relationship to the next level?



Double Trouble by Louisa Bacio
Rumor Wasted and Bomb’Shell Blue enjoy some hardcore competition on the Roller Derby track, but when the rivalry goes too far, one of these high-flying athletes will lose more than the match.



Teaching Thomas by Shiloh Saddler


Born sickly, Thomas led a sheltered life. One fateful day Yankees burn his mansion, he is cursed, and all the slaves leave except for the blacksmith. The blacksmith wants to help him become a stronger man. Can he endure the painful lessons or will he break?


Sexy woman leaning on the chair

Sexy to Go Spanking edition will be published in September. Whee!!! Stay tuned!







Sexy to Go #Paranormal excerpt by @laylatarar get ready to play rough #Rrated

Not everyone you meet is a tender lover when you push them to the edge.

It takes a woman with a special kind of grit to like living dangerously. Marguerite is such a woman, and after a hard day’s work flaming zombies, she’s ready for a night she’ll never forget…

Red-Handed by Tara Quan


When Marguerite gets caught testing flame-throwers on unsuspecting zombies, she finds herself at the mercy of a sexy federal agent. Dominated, bound, and bared to the skin, this closet submissive faces a night of creative interrogation—one she can’t wait to enjoy.


Attractive sexy couple in dark room

“Wait.” Her mind grappled for a convincing argument. “My boobs are tiny. I’m a lot hotter with them on.”

He chuckled. “I disagree. But since you asked nicely….” Walking to the table, he traded her knife for a thin, leather-covered stick with a flat tip.

“What the heck is that?”

He tugged her bra down until her nipples popped out over the plunging neckline. “It’s called a crop.” He lightly smacked the tip of her breast. “I bought it off an antiques smuggler.”

The sharp sting sent her twisting to the side, a futile attempt to avoid further injury. He grabbed her nape, twining his fingers through her hair. His grip arched her back, increasing the vulnerability of her exposed breasts. “I thought you weren’t pissed anymore.”

“I’m not. This, we’re doing for fun.”

She yelped as he flicked the crop over her quivering flesh, alternating between the two budding tips. Betrayed by her body, she cried out as he turned her pink nipples raspberry red. Pain-laced pleasure traveled from her chest, the sensual tingle spreading to the tips of her fingers and toes.

She moaned a protest when he stopped. Maintaining his imprisoning hold, he trailed the crop’s end between her thighs. “They used this to control horses back in the day.” With a resonating whack, he forced her legs apart. Switching his grip, he positioned the handle between her labia. As moisture coated the cold leather, he slid it back and forth, each thrust brushing her clit.

He released his hold on her at the same moment her knees buckled, keeping the crop between her legs as she sagged against the cuffs.

Lifting her chin, she glared daggers at him. “Are you planning to control me?” If so, he’d gotten to a pretty good start.

He chortled. “I wouldn’t dream of it.”




Sexy To Go PNR_Flat


All Romance Ebooks

What’s #Valentinesday if not an excuse for a hot read? #excerpt


We thought so too!

STG VD Flat new


Enjoy an excerpt from Sexy to Go Valentine’s Day edition Stealing his Cowgirl’s Hearty by Sorcha Mowbray:

Paul smaller

As she stacked the containers in the basket it dawned on her that she could touch him without violating her rules. A small smile escaped as she tucked the last container away. And then she turned to the half-naked man watching her with an intensity that shook her to her core.

Words were unnecessary as she scooted closer to him on her knees. She hovered over him and reached out one tentative hand. Her fingertip brushed his side and she gasped.

He, on the other hand, held his breath. He remained mute as she reached back out and made contact with his skin once more.

Despite the coolness of his skin from the water, a sizzle zipped up her arm from her finger tip. She continued to trace the muscle around his rib and onto his abdomen. Where ever she touched goose-pimples broke out like a little trail.

She noticed that with each stroke of her skin against him, his cock grew harder. In turn, she grew bolder and more curious. This body of his was so different from the lean, young man’s body she had once known and loved. His cock seemed somehow more, bigger. Of course that was ridiculous, but then again maybe not.

She shoved that thought aside and refocused on her exploration of his new to her physique.

Up toward his pectoral muscles she continued to brush and caress as he remained utterly still for her. When she raked a nail over one pebbled nipple, he sucked in a breath and groaned.

“Babe, you’re killing me.”

“Is it so awful?” She imagined it was, but she wasn’t quite ready to give him control. Deep
inside she knew now she would give in to what she wanted, what he wanted. This whole battle to keep him away had been futile. And never had failure felt so good. Her pussy ached with desire, her nipples chafed against her sports bra, and her skin tingled with need.

She swung a leg over and straddled him, her heated center pressed against his now fully erect cock. And he grunted in response.

She unzipped her coveralls and pulled them off her shoulders. “I’m a little dirty…”

“Please, babe. Let me touch you,” he rasped out.

She shook her head no. Still not done with him. Not by a long shot. She leaned over and pressed her breasts against his chest until her lips found his. With one hand on either side of his head, she traced the seam of his mouth with her tongue. Then she drove her tongue past lips and teeth to taste the man beneath her.

He moaned as his tongue wrapped around hers and then gave chase as she pulled back. But she exerted her dominance, taking control of the kiss. She licked and nibbled at his mouth until she needed to draw a real, life giving breath.

She sat back and smiled at his look of dazed desire. “Now, Nate. Touch me. Talk dirty. Get naked, now.”


* * * * * * *

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