Science Fiction


Tangled Intersections - High ResolutionIn deep space, there’s always some terrifyingly easy way to die…..

For Nidi Station residents, sighting a certain alien cartoon creature indicates their approaching demise. But is the little green man a true harbinger of death or is he simply an ale-inspired hallucination? For new resident Dr. Maynard Grison, who’s suffering from a severe identity complex, one more push is all that’s needed to send him over the edge. The question is, which stimulus will set him off, the wastewater re-cyc green ale, being shadowed by Marvin the Martian, or the talking floorboards? Find out in this psychological space drama inspired by The Haunting of Hill House.




Tentacles eBook 72 dpi WebsiteThis short horror anthology packs a big punch. Four short science fiction stories of tentacle monster mayhem and destruction to keep you awake at night wondering if you’ve already been the next victim…

Solar Pioneer
During the ten-year war, a remote scientific station on the edge of the galaxy has all but been forgotten. Tired of the war, cruiser pilot Coop takes the mission to re-establish contact with the team, but soon has to rescue himself from the clutches of a crazy scientist and a monster capable of keeping alive forever his wildest nightmares. Science Fiction Horror. 6,400 words.

Mr. Sweede
Through a telescope, some galaxies may not look like much, but the full spectrum of beings still lurk within. Some live, learn and love within it. Some are travelers. Some hunt. But not all hunters look like predators. Some look just like us. Some were our best friends. Mr. Sweede was everyone’s best friend. Or so they thought… Science Fiction. 3,000 words.

Captain Zaural Shuri is sent to respond to an emergency hail on Andvari, a colony of former inmates, after a colonist is killed by the planet’s indigenous species. Once there, she must battle her ex-boyfriend, bizarre creatures, and her own fears to unravel the tangled web of clues before she loses her grip on reality. As if reality was ever what it seemed. Science Fiction with mild adult sexual content. 11,000 words.

The Sacrifice
One night Aveda, a scullery maid, is dragged out of bed by ruthless pirates and hauled on board their ship. She fears she will be sold into slavery or worse, but their plan is even more sinister. Down below, a monster she never imagined existed awaits the decision that will change her life forever… Science Fiction/Historical. 2,500 words.


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