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I’m really liking the ongoing shifter story I’m writing for the Sexy to Go books. One day, I’ll turn these stories into my own little hot serial! For now, though, here’s a sneak peek at Volume 5.

* * * * *

Mate me or Hate me by Eva Lefoy


Still reeling from the revelation of her shifter heritage, Casi and her unborn baby are threatened by another pack. As she and Snake grow closer, Liam attempts to claim her for his own.


Beautiful young smiling couple in love embracing indoor

Beautiful young smiling couple in love embracing indoor


He let out a harsh breath and raked his hand through his hair. “You don’t understand.”

“Oh, I do. I have something you want, but it’s not yours, Liam, and it’s not for sale.”

He moved so fast, like the first time in the woods. In half a breath, he had her cornered against the wall. “You mated my wife,” he snarled. “Making me the laughing stock of the council.”

The ire from that meeting bubbled to the surface. Liam wasn’t the only one who’d been insulted in the council chamber. “And as you pointed out, what the girls do in the bedroom doesn’t matter, since it doesn’t result in cubs.” She all but spit at him, daring him to take the bait. Kill her or leave, she didn’t care which, but he’d not get what he’d come for even if she had to scratch his eyes out. “Besides, I was inferior, remember? You didn’t want me.”

“I want you now.”

The vibration of his deep rumbling voice filled every crevice in her body, turning the apex between her legs damp with desire. Just a tiny dose of his latent power could do this, make a woman weak at the knees. All Liam had to do was ask and women fell at his feet.

Casi was sorely tempted to give in to that overwhelming heat and rub herself against his hard length until bliss broke her apart. All she had to do was let go of her stubbornness, her last few shreds of independence and she’d never have to want for anything again. But no. She would not. She wasn’t the obedient type. Bad habits and willpower were what made her who she was today. She gathered her last shreds of control and ordered her body to resist him. “What you want is my heritage, Liam. Not me.”

He seemed undeterred by her protest. With his fingers twined in her hair, he brought his mouth to her ear. “Remember in the woods? When I fucked your pussy? You were so wet for me then. Are you wet for me now, Casi?”

His warm breath melted her bones. She let out a mewl of need. Every cell in her body responded to Liam’s siren call. To his dirty talk. To his promise of unbridled satisfaction. With Liam the pleasure would be never ending, all night, until she could take no more. No sane woman would refuse him. Tamping down on her body’s raging hormones, her legs and arms shook with the effort of denying him. She snapped her chin up, defiantly. “No. I’m wet for Snake.”

From his sigh, and his fist pounding the wall, she guessed he’d gone from arousal to anger, although with shifters it was hard to tell. One often led to or could encompass the other.

Liam took a few paces away from her and studied her, looking down from his superior height. “You need to see reason.”

“No, you need to leave.” When he didn’t budge, she pointed to the door and added, “Now.” A foolish thing to do – make demands of an alpha – but her mood was already deteriorating toward bitchland. A few more seconds and she’d make an even worse mistake if he didn’t get the heck out.

He straightened his spine. “This isn’t over, Casi. The child is mine.”

“The child isn’t even here yet.” She flicked her hand toward the door again. “I suggest you wait to make whatever power play you think you have to make until it’s born.” When it’s proven it’s not your child.

His gaze narrowed. “Until next time, then.” Turning, he stalked out the cabin’s door. This time, he slammed it shut.

Well, well, way to piss off the alpha.

* * *

This story is part of Sexy to Go, Volume 5 coming out end of May.

You can get Volume 1-4 on any ebook outlet.

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#MasturbationMonday geek shower scene #erotic excerpt


Ha! I knew I could never be out of masturbating characters for too long.  It just so happens I have a new M/M release on Memorial Day with just such a scene. This story involves a gay homeless teen and an ex-army officer who saves him from a violent attack. In this scene, Kyle is masturbating in the shower to the image of his rescuer.

* * *

As Kyle stepped into the shower, he hoped his meager talents proved enough to impress the guy. He soaped up, determined to scrub every square inch until he smelled fucking lickable, or at least really clean, just in case Derek wanted a piece of him. But as his hand slid over the hard flesh between his thighs, the image he’d been daydreaming about earlier flooded back.

He groaned and closed his eyes, picturing himself tied up on the bed with coaxial cables as Derek pounded his ass over and  over with his meaty cock. A shaky moan escaped his lips as his fingers caressed the sensitive bundle of nerves behind his head.

He’d licked Derek’s pre-cum earlier, and it had tasted like honey. He wanted more of that flavor, wanted to feast on it, for longer than one night. With a few more quick jerks of his hand, he finished himself off with a sharp grunt and stood there with his head resting against the shower wall until the water ran cold. “I don’t want to live on the streets,” he muttered, shivering. “I have to prove myself worthy somehow.”

All he wanted was a safe place to call home, even if it was only for a little while. It sure didn’t hurt if the landlord was a hot, well-hung, ex-military, sex god. Seconds later, his cock hardened again. “Christ. I’d better get back to work.” Shutting off the spray, he prayed for a miracle, though God had never seen fit to grant him one before. That was for damn sure.

* * *

This story will be out shortly from MLR Press.

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#MasturbationMonday Sexy to Go excerpt from Neighborhood Watch by @JoceylnDex #erotica


When is a menage not a menage? When all players aren’t in the same room maybe? But ability to touch isn’t everything. With one person watching two others get down and dirty, sometimes it’s almost the same thrill as being there.

If this excerpt doesn’t prove that, then I’ll be a monkey’s uncle! Or aunt, as applicable.

* * * * *

Neighborhood Watch by Jocelyn Dex

Happily married Astral would never cheat on her husband, but when the moving guy next door sparks her exhibitionist fantasy, will she take it too far and get herself in trouble?



There were no lights next door, but through the slats of the wooden fence separating the yards, she saw the tip of a cigarette glowing and caught the light scent of burning tobacco drifting through the air. She squinted and the next time Paul took a drag, she caught a glimpse of his face. He was looking right at her. Her body instantly burned, nerve endings tingled. How long had he been watching her?

She turned her head to look in the kitchen window and saw her husband on the phone, an annoyed expression on his face. Must be work related.

Astral blamed the wine for the naughty ideas running through her mind. When she looked back to the fence, she slid her hands up the back of her shirt, unhooked her bra and pulled it out one sleeve, letting it drop to the ground before undoing the top three buttons of her shirt. Then she stood, kicked off her shoes, hiked up her skirt and slowly peeled her panties off. It felt fantastically dirty and she giggled at her audaciousness.

Turning in her chair so she was facing the fence, she brazenly propped one leg on the table, exposing herself to his gaze. God, she couldn’t believe she was doing this, but it was such a fucking turn-on. She’d never do it if it was with someone she’d see every day, but she didn’t have to worry about that with him.

A moment of guilt set in spoiling her fun. What if it was a woman next door and Dane was putting on a peep show for her? Would Astral be upset? No. She trusted him and had to admit the idea turned her on.

Another quick peek over her shoulder confirmed her husband was still on the phone. Looking back to the fence, she searched for the glow of the cigarette and was disappointed when she didn’t see it. Maybe he hadn’t been looking at her and she’d only imagined her exhibitionism.

A low voice startled her. “Don’t stop.”

Holy shit, she couldn’t see him, but he must have been right up on the fence. Even with the heat, a chill ran through her system. She hesitated, her face burning but then pulled her shirt to the side, exposing a breast and plucked at her nipple until it was a tight bud. She heard the word “nice” through the fence. Encouraged, she slid her hand between her legs, just resting it there. Her body jittered with excitement, anxiety, and yearning.

“Touch your pussy,” he whispered.

This was beyond naughty and not at all what she’d intended, but she couldn’t resist sliding a finger through her wet lips and rubbing her clit with languid strokes.

She jumped and turned her chair back around when the door opened and her husband said, “Sorry. Work issue.” Dane’s eyes bugged and he almost spilled the wine when he noticed Astral’s state of undress. “Wow, what’s going on out here?”

“I’m hot,” she said, adding just the right inflection to her tone to let him know it wasn’t just the weather.

His eyes darkened. “Yes, you definitely are.” He set the glasses on the table and bent down, sucking her exposed nipple into his mouth, drawing a moan from her.

The excitement overrode any embarrassment she might feel at the prospect of an outsider peeking in on the intimate scene.

Dane’s mouth relinquished her nipple. “Let’s take this inside.”

“No,” she said a little too frantically. “I mean, I like it out here.”

He looked around as if trying to determine if it was safe to do so. Her breath caught in her throat when he stared at the fence a little too long.

“Come on,” she urged, rubbing his cock through his pants. “It’ll be fun.” She stood and moved to the side of the table facing the fence, hiked her skirt up higher so her drenched pussy glistened in the glow of the solar stars. Her husband followed, grabbed a cushion off one of the chairs and kneeled on it in front of her.

“You’re a wickedly shameless wife.” His lips curled in a devious smile as he spread her legs wide and buried his face in her cunt, feasting on her juices. A small light came on next to the fence. She practically came knowing Paul was still watching. She squinted and saw the light illuminated his hand stroking his cock. Holy crap.

She watched, mesmerized as Paul worked himself with long, slow strokes while her husband’s tongue flicked across her clit. The physical and visual stimulation pushed her close to the edge.

Her heart pounded in her chest as she fisted her husband’s hair, pulling him closer, demanding more. Red hot zaps of energy spiked out from her clit through her body. Sweat beaded on her forehead. She wailed, tugging harder on her husband’s hair as she came apart, her body tensing, releasing, exploding.

* * *

This story is part of Sexy to Go, Volume 2. Get it here:

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#MasturbationMonday Sexy to Go excerpt from Skin by @leighellwood #scifi #erotica


This story rings a lot of bells for me. It’s got a Star Trek type theme, with a sensual, BDSM overtone. I think you’ll like it! The story is called, Skin and it’s about a woman who gets punished on an alien planet while wearing a skin-like suit that accentuates every touch….

* * * * *

Skin by Leigh Ellwood

Skin – One needs a tough skin to endure an unpleasant situation. When Lt. Andromeda Kurn is sentenced for damaging property during a shore leave, the skin suit she must wear enhances the pleasure of her punishment.



“Your sentence is ten, with the paddle,” he told her. “You will mark each one aloud, and bear in mind everybody is paying attention and will know if you’ve miscounted.”

“Yes, Captain.” Her thighs quivered, and no doubt she soaked the crotch of this skin. Captain Luther disappeared around her again and her heart leaped, anticipating the first blow. Would it hurt? How would the skin project the sensation through her?

She sensed the Captain’s practice swing before he aimed. The short burst of air cooled her heated backside, and when the first spank landed on her buttocks she barely got out the “One!” The force of the swing set the skin on fire and took her close to the edge. Agonizing seconds passed before the second blow. “Two!” she called out on a moan. The Captain hadn’t touched her pussy, but it squeezed and tingled all the same.

Soon the spanks came in quicker succession. Three, four, and five caused her nipples to harden to the point she thought they’d never soften again. She closed her eyes and clenched her teeth, imagining the Captain’s mouth pursed over one, without the skin.

“Six!” she cried at the next spank. The whole skin absorbed that one and centered the vibration in her clit. The first hint of orgasm sparked, and she let out a soft mewl.

Captain Luther moved close to her ear, the paddle at his side. The Carsans murmured from their dais but didn’t call the pause into question. Drommie side-eyed the trio, watching their faces cloud with suspicion.

“You want to come, don’t you, Drommie?” he whispered, his words rough and warm.

She nodded. “Not yet,” he warned. “Wait until ten. You’re doing splendid.”

Drommie let out a breath when he moved away. His voice held authority in everything—command of a ship, control of her desires. She actually calmed a bit, though her body ached for release. The skin affixed to her like a permanent layer, retaining the heat of his discipline.

She fought to count out the next three swats, which the Captain delivered with some force. Seven through nine stung her buttocks and taunted her, daring her to wail out her climax.

“One more to go, Lieutenant. Very good.” He kept his voice curt and steady, quite professional. Drommie couldn’t believe how it turned her on. All the same, she wanted this finished.

She steeled herself for ten, and when it came so did she. She drew out the word in one long syllable and rode the orgasmic wave from the suspended bar. Her feet flailed for balance and she twisted in the skin that projected the ecstatic feeling over her every nerve. The Carsans called this punishment? She could understand that—one more blow might have left her dying of bliss.

Drommie heard something clatter to the ground, and arms encircled her waist and scooped her up. She had no time to register bare hands on the skin as Captain Luther bellowed, “Allegiant, transport immediately to my quarters, now!” Drommie heard angry Carsan voices behind her, but only for a few seconds as her body dissolved with the Captain’s into the ship’s transport beam. After that, everything went black.


* * *

This story is part of Sexy to Go, Volume 1. Get it here:

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