Can a swan #shifter survive without his feathers? Find out in Sexy to Go #Gay Romance

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Ladies and gentlemen we have an excellent selection of M/M romance stories in Sexy to Go’s latest volume. These tales deliver all – from seriously romantic couples to first-time hookups and fantasy teases to leave you wanting more. See for yourself what we have to offer. You won’t be disappointed:

Matzo Ball by Avery Duran – (Contemporary/Big city)

When Jacob’s outgoing best friend talks him into attending a party for Jewish singles, neither man realizes that it’s not a gay event. Things go from bad to worse when Jacob’s friend doesn’t show up. The night turns around when Jacob befriends Ian, a sexy bartender. After a spectacular kiss good night, they go their separate ways. But Jacob can’t forget the chemistry he shared with Ian, and hungers for more. In a city the size of New York, will these men be able to find their way back to each other?


Styx & Stone by Leigh Ellwood – (Historical / Greek mythology)

What’s the afterlife really like? Charon the ferryman knows the River Styx like the back of his hand, and he enjoys giving newly departed Stone the full tour.


First Swallow of Spring by Asta Idonea (Fantasy / Fae)

The first swallow of spring draws Seanán back to the fae circle each year, where he dances with the handsome fae lord, Iorweth. He knows the four rules he must follow if he wishes to be free to leave at the end of the night; however, Iorweth is growing ever more inventive in his attempts to trick Seanán into breaking them.


How Hercules Got His Bruise by Eva Lefoy – (Historical / Roman god)

Hercules might have completed his 12 labors and become immortal, but he’s still not out to himself. Until he meets Sisyphus, a man who turns him on in ways not even a goddess can compete with. When Zeus threatens to destroy their new bond, Hercules must again rise to the challenge, this time to protect his right to love a man.


Loggerhead by Dale Lowry – (Existing couple / Contemporary)

Soon after they fall in love, Jake makes Eric a promise inspired by an old track uniform. But demanding work schedules at Jake’s four-star restaurant and Eric’s newspaper keep them from following through. Six years later, they take the honeymoon they never had, heading to the Florida coast in search of sea turtles – and rekindling their passion for each other in the process.


Handyman by Jodi Payne – (Contemporary / Hot Contractor / Sudden hookup)

Danny is haunted by memories of his ex, Peter, who moved out six months ago. He recognizes just how bad off he is when he wakes up to a flood in his condo, a problem Peter would have adeptly handled. Danny can’t find the insurance paperwork, he doesn’t know who he should call first, and he’s about ready to strangle his stoner neighbors. His day starts looking up, though, when the workmen arrive to deal with the water, replace his breaker box and demolish the soaked ceiling. Ken, a handyman, shows up to handle the drywall, but can Danny handle Ken?


Clipped Wings by Shiloh Saddler – (PNR / Swan shifter)

When a male swan shifter is captured by a cruel master he develops feelings for another male slave. The master has plans for the shifter that go against every fiber of his being. Will the two men bow down to their station in life or take flight to keep their love alive?


Rebuilding the Future by Sam Thorne – (Contemporary / Hot Contractor)

Allen’s peace has been seriously disturbed. As the shy architect takes on the task of extending the home he inherited from his late aunt, his life becomes a battle. The building work is going fine, but he can barely contain his one-way lust for sexy foreman Declan, who’s a one-man generator of testosterone and mixed messages. As the build completion approaches, Allen’s ready to do just about anything to keep Declan around a little longer…


Man in the Mirror by A.E. Wasp – (Existing Couple / Love overcome time’s effects)

A companion story to the Paper Hearts novel, Man in the Mirror is the first short in a new erotic series set in the world of the Veterans Affairs books.

Benny hasn’t let Mikey see him naked in a week, will barely let Mikey touch him. Mikey’s going to get to the bottom of the issue if it takes all night.

Gay Couple Love Home Concept


After a quiet meal, Christopher followed Stephen up a back staircase and down a long hallway. “This is my room. Our room.” He opened the door and Christopher was pleasantly surprised to see it furnished with all the essentials: bed, chest of drawers, washstand with bowl and pitcher and even a small mirror hanging on the wall.

Christopher quickly stripped off his clothes and lounged on top of the covers. Arms folded behind his head, he stared up at the ceiling, struggling to hold back a smile. Stephen’s lustful stare heated him, and it took all of his restraint to not react. He would not make the first move. However, he wouldn’t make it easy to resist his charms. He needed help to get his feathers back, and Stephen might be his ticket to freedom.

“You’re naked.” Stephen’s voice had a raspy quality.

“It is summer. I’m hot-blooded.” Finally, turning to look at him, he offered a shrug. “I hope you don’t mind.”

“No, no of course, not,” Stephen croaked.

Christopher struggled to hold back a laugh. His roommate was not a good liar. “Do you sleep naked, too?”

“No, I…” Stephen swallowed hard and Christopher eyed his bobbing Adam’s apple. “I—I have a nightshirt.”

“Oh.” Christopher tried to keep his disappointment from showing. He could make quick work of that piece of clothing.

Back turned, Stephen changed into his nightshirt and then washed his face and brushed his teeth with tooth powder. It seemed like hours before his weight dipped the mattress, although it was really only a few minutes. Christopher’s heart thumped against his ribcage. He silently appraised Stephen’s prone form and his cock stirred.

Taking a deep breath, he told himself to behave. Nude, it was hard to hide his desire. A smile tugged at his lips. From his searing gaze Stephen had to know he was interested.

Rolling on his side, he got a better look at the man fanning the fire in his stomach. “You’re the most handsome man I’ve ever seen,” he whispered.

Stephen’s eyes widened. “I’m nothing special.”

The self-deprecating words knifed through his heated body. Had Master Randall worn down the man’s confidence? He knew how easily that could happen. His promise not to make the first move went out the window. He’d have to show the man just how he felt. Reaching out, he caressed the man’s cheek.

Instantly the hardness in his expression melted away. After a brief kiss, Stephen’s dark eyes hooded. “Mmm. It has been a long time for me.”

“Me too,” Christopher replied and then kissed him again, this time his tongue plunged inside the man’s sweet mouth.

He wasn’t about to say he was a virgin. Not without explaining the ways of his people. Kissing he could do though.

Stephen moaned. Christopher plumbed his mouth stroke after stroke. The taste of salt and onions lingered on his tongue.

Hand slipping under his nightshirt, Christopher skimmed Stephen’s chest, pinching and twirling one nipple.

Stephen growled and Christopher broke the kiss, a chuckle bubbling up his throat. Fingers straying from his nipple, he grazed the dusting of hair leading lower.

Heat blazed with their skin-to-skin contact. His body thrummed and inside his swan crooned. He felt a deep connection with Stephen, not just a physical one. Finally, what was happening clicked into place. Mate. Stephen was his mate. That’s why he couldn’t control his shifting. He’d needed to be in human form to find his mate.

It felt like a double-edged sword—fate blessing and cursing him at the same time….

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#halloween Snarkology Hop! Over 75 authors and COOL prizes await


With the holiday coming up, readers have to ask themselves one simple question: do they have enough Halloween on their ereader? If not, it’s time to panic!!!

But wait, there’s an incredibly cool hop going on now, with a plethora of really cool authors and some awesome books. Plus, a grand prize and other awesome stuff available for those who’d like to enter. So please, join us and let’s get in the spirit, shall we?

Young attractive woman in sexy lingerie posing in gothic interior

I’ve written several Halloween stories over the past few years and participated in a couple of boxed sets. My favorite story so far is The Portrait of Dorian Clements. Set in Regency England, with a dash of Penny Dreadful, the story features a lonely widow who decides to have her portait painted by a traveling artist. Everything at first seems fine with the painting, but then things start to change…..

The quiet setting of the breakfast room had given way to the boudoir. Dorian’s demure décolletage replaced by a heaving bosom as the Earl of Somerset bent her backwards over his arm, drawing her into his embrace. But that wasn’t all. With his lips pressed to her breast and his breeches open, his one hand cupped her quim while his whore pipe tented his short drawers, seemingly so eager to finish what he’d started it might just pierce her through her petticoats. Imagining the public viewing the scene had her nearly faint. Instead, Dorian’s hand clutched her racing heart and she screamed.

Suddenly the meek socially acceptable widow sees her innermost desires acted out right on the canvas. What is a good upstanding citizen to do when faced with a handsome, sexually desirable incubus? Well, I’d tell you but it would give the ending of the story away!

Now, many of you know of the Oscar Wilde story the Picture of Dorian Gray. That too, was a painting but this time of a young man. In Penny Dreadful, the part of Dorian Gray was played by Reeve Carney.

Dorian stays beautiful, always young, and endlessly immortal while his soul remains trapped within the painting which becomes more twisted, aged, and corrupt as Dorian commits many crimes of passion – and otherwise – revealing his own inner demons.

The portrait of Dorian Clements on the other hand, has the ability to look perfectly normal when visitors come to call, and become utterly carnal when Dorian is alone, taunting her to commit the very deeds she secretly desires. Soon, she finds she can’t take more of this torture. What will she do to stop it?

For the last four hours after the guests has gone home, the painting had sat in her private chambers doing nothing – nothing at all. No Earl appeared. No naughty bits. It was as if the damn thing mocked her, making her question everything she’d thought she’d seen the night before. Making her feel like a cockish wench for the things she wished it would reveal. Irritated, she stomped her foot. “I should cut you to ribbons and toss you on the fire.” Spinning on her heel, she strode toward the bed. “In fact, I shall do just that upon rising. You’ll see.”

Find out what happens next, and why one should always be wary of a portrait done just in time for Halloween!



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You can also download the first 3 chapters of my story on Instafreebie here.

Happy hopping everyone and have a great Halloween!



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Incubus can’t keep his hands off 2 women in #Halloween #menage #shifter by @shilohsaddler

Having an incubus for a boss can present some real challenges. Especially when every night is a party night at the club! But this Halloween, it’s going to be different. Mr. hot and sexy steps out of his box and gets down and dirty on the desk with his employee and her shifter friend. Something tells me it won’t be the only time these three get together….

Here’s more about it:



Shifting Sensations by Shiloh Saddler

The Halloween bash at the Shifting Sensations nightclub is the paranormal event of the year. Incubus nightclub owner Ruger is on the prowl for two playmates to liven his evening — dare he allow one to be his employee?




The evening roared on autopilot until the shifter pole dancing competition. His mouth dropped open when Daniella climbed up on the stage and straddled that pole between her legs. He ran his fingers through his hair, eyes glued to her as she twirled and rocked showing off all her curves. Spinning up the pole she turned upside down her mane of blonde hair flowing. She was making love to that pole and he was jealous. Her dress rode up her thighs leaving little to the imagination. Underneath her dress she wore a G-string.

As the judge of the shifter pole dancing contest Daniella would win hands down. A wickedly fun idea crossed his mind. He hadn’t publicized what the prize would be. When the crowd roared at the end of her dance he no longer worried about being accused of favoritism. The whole club agreed that Daniella had won.

Breathing hard, her chest heaved as she left the stage. Hurrying up the steps, he almost grabbed her as he passed. There was no need for her to walk all the way down and then come up again. Though, he didn’t want to make a scene in front of everyone.  He was a very private man.

“Let’s give all the lovely ladies who danced for us a Halloween howl.” He cupped his hands around his mouth and howled along with all the patrons. “This year’s dance winner is not a werewolf.” This elicited some boos as he knew it would. “Daniella Stapleton, please come up the stage and take a bow.”

Daniella’s eyes widened and she placed a hand on her chest. “I won?”

“Yes.” He waved for her to come back up on stage.

She hurried to claim the spotlight, grinning. “I will award Miss Stapleton her prize privately as I accidentally left it in my office.” Some of the audience booed but he cared less. “Please give our winner another round of applause.” They clapped, cheered, and howled again. “Now that concludes tonight’s special entertainment. The Halloween party will continue till closing so please enjoy yourselves.”

Taking Daniella’s arm he escorted her off the stage. “I think that was the best performance we’ve ever had at the nightclub.”

She blushed. “Thank you.”

He led her to his office, unspelled the door, and allowed her to enter first. After she had seated herself in the large black office chair, he peeked his head out of the door and called for Aubrey.

Tonight could either go terribly wrong or terribly right.




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This angel won’t go down without a fight #Halloween #PNR #romance by @VirginniaDeP Sexy to Go

If you watch Supernatural you’re more than familiar with the tough time angels have while on the earthly plane. Well this one is no exception. Every Halloween she suffers torments brought on by her brother and a nasty demon bent on taking her every which way he shouldn’t, just to stick it to heaven. But this Halloween, she has some help in the form of a very determined human. Now if only he doesn’t run away from marrying an angel!

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Angelfire by Virginnia de Parte

Candles, garlic, rifle, bullets – will these be enough to save Emma’s life on Halloween?



“So…tonight is Halloween, as you know, and each year on this night he visits me, with a friend–another warlock. I am supposed to have sex with his friend while he watches. This means he gets points for supplying an angel to rape, plus he gets his own thrill from watching.”

Lewis shuddered and clenched his fists. His back stiffened and he pushed his legs out straight. “I’ll kill him,” he muttered.

She hurried on, “I’ve fought against them every time for the last three years before I’ve been overwhelmed, but tonight I decided I would either kill them or be killed.” She lifted a corner of the rug that covered the rifle.

“Shit,” said Lewis. “Now I really do believe you.”

“When you rang the doorbell I wondered if you were him at the door, which is why I didn’t open it at first. I was about to light the fire to keep him out of the chimney. He’s now able to materialize from wisps of cloud.  His bad deeds are piling up and he gets rewards for each one. These give him extra powers.”

“Sounds like a real sick soul who likes to show off.” Lewis held her hands in his. “What are we going to do about him tonight?”

“Do you really mean ‘we’? Things could get really nasty, Lewis.” She gripped his arm. “I don’t want you to die, Lewis, not because of me and my vicious brother.”  She whispered in his ear. “You are too precious and I love you too much to risk your life.”

“I’m not leaving and I’m not having my wife assaulted on an annual basis. Are there any rules against angels marrying mere mortals?  Because I’m planning to propose at dawn, if we both survive.” He tilted his glass and drank the rest of his wine.



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