About Eva

Eva Lefoy started warping her brain at a very young age. First she developed addictions to Speed Racer and Marine Boy, then transferred her wild young enthusiasm to The Monkees. After that, she fell in love with Star Blazers and that hunky blue dish Leader Deslock. Then, she grew up.

No, not really.

She graduated to Star Trek TOS (back when it didn’t have the TOS yet!) and just kept right on going. In between sci-fi endeavors, she read the classics, made friends, and searched for a cure for stupidity. These days, she continues to read sci-fi, romance, erotica, Steampunk, and a tiny bit of fantasy thrown in for good measure. She’s fond of Asian food and all things chocolate.

Is there any wine?


6 thoughts on “About Eva

  1. Hello Eva. Such a lovely blog you have here! Thank you so much for visiting mine. It’s an honour. Will read more of your stuff once I return later in the day…

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