Woman dumped on #ValentinesDay finds true love – with her brother’s best friend! #99cents


She’s cheated on, dumped and then worshiped!

I recently re-read our Valentine’s Day issue of Sexy to Go and totally found a hidden gem.

Landra Graf’s story, What You Lost was a pleasure to read. It checks all the boxes on my list:

  • It’s got romance – and plenty of it
  • It’s sexy – Yum!
  • It makes you root for the couple to get together even if it complicates their lives – and isn’t that what we really want to see in a holiday story?

But better than that, it takes a woman who’s been dumped by her fiance on Valentine’s Day and turns her failure into unexpected happiness and that leaves her richer than gold! With the love of one good man, she’d lifted up and placed on the pedestal where she always belonged.

Enjoy a sexy excerpt from the story below.

What You Lost Storyline:

After being ditched by her fiancé for another woman, Clementine is done with relationships, but love isn’t done with her. Ready to take a chance at winning the woman he’d thought he lost, Shawn is going to prove to Clem they belong together. Only problem, he’s her brother’s best friend.


The second kiss damn near melted her nude colored thong into a puddle of goo. Shivering from his touch, his hands roamed her body while their tongues mated. The callused flesh wandered to her breasts, past her rib cage, to her waist, and then one digit began teasing the edge of the thin scrap of fabric covering her vagina.

He broke their connection, sighing as he rested his forehead against hers. “Tell me this is a bad idea, Clem. Give me a reason to stop.”

All rational thought ceased when he kissed her, and, coupled with his hands intelligent function hit an all-time low. The only idea in her head at the moment involved him continuing to execute whatever plan he had in mind, the outside world and any consequences be damned.

“I don’t have one.”

She’d wanted him for so long, a secret longing she’d given up on years ago. If someone had told her Shawn would see her in her underwear on Valentine’s Day she’d have laughed in their face. Now the memory of his lust-filled eyes, the way he couldn’t help pulling her to him, or how he treated her like a goddess seared into her brain.

“You should be worshiped,” he whispered, backing her up towards the queen-size bed that, thankfully, she’d made this morning. “Every inch of you kissed.” Then he began, a series of nips, licks, and butterfly touches across every patch of her exposed skin.

He helped her remove the camisole and her bra, then showered her collarbone, clavicles, and chest with the same attention. The sensations he induced and the care with which he disrobed her, made her pant and moan. These torturous, attentive efforts were going to drive her insane. “Hurry.”

He chuckled against her bare breast before sucking the tip into his hot mouth. When he let go the glance he gave her displayed the passion simmering like banked coals ready to engulf a branding iron. “There’s no need to rush, not with this much perfection.”

Read the rest of this rockin’ romance story and 9 more, for just $0.99 in the Sexy to Go Valentine’s Day edition, out now from most major ebook sellers.





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