Two gay men meet while trick-or-treating in #GLBT #Halloween #romance by @chris_mchart

What’s the likelihood that two single gay guys are taking their nieces and nephews out trick-or-treating in the same neighborhood on Halloween? Sounds like a bit of fate to me. And if you read the story it does start with an old lame joke!

Here’s more about it:



It Started with an Old, Lame Joke by Chris McHart

The last thing Robin expects when he takes his niece and nephew trick-or-treating is to meet a handsome stranger doing the same thing. Their connection is instant and hot, even though everything started with an old, lame joke.


Four hours later, the kids back with his mother and fast asleep, despite the amount of sugar they’d eaten, he opened the doors to ‘The Singleton’, his heart beating hard.

Robin looked around, and there Mirko sat, at the bar, chatting with the barkeeper. Heat raced through him, pooling in his groin. The bar was slightly lit better than the street, and he could make out even more features. It didn’t disappoint him. Absolutely not.

He walked over, careful to add that bit of extra sway to his hips. “Hey, stranger. Ready to show me your bat?” he murmured as he slipped onto the chair next to Mirko.

“I thought we were past the stranger thing? But I can absolutely help you with my bat.” He wiggled his eyebrows in a manner that had Robin snorting.

“Let’s drink something first, okay?”

“I was actually going to suggest that. I want to get to know you a bit better.”

“Sounds good. What are you drinking?”

“A beer.”

“I guess I’ll get the same. Are you here often?”

“Not often enough to count as a regular, but enough so the barkeeper recognizes me.”

Robin nodded to the man in question and ordered his drink. “I’m wondering why we never met here. I’m here on occasion, too.”

“Maybe it wasn’t meant to be until now?”

“Yeah, maybe. Anyway, we’re here now.”

Mirko raised his glass. “To us. And to the fact that we had to babysit our nieces and nephews today.”

“To us.” They raised their glasses, looking deep into each other’s eyes. Sizzling heat raced through Robin. He wanted to kiss Mirko so badly. And much more.



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