This angel won’t go down without a fight #Halloween #PNR #romance by @VirginniaDeP Sexy to Go

If you watch Supernatural you’re more than familiar with the tough time angels have while on the earthly plane. Well this one is no exception. Every Halloween she suffers torments brought on by her brother and a nasty demon bent on taking her every which way he shouldn’t, just to stick it to heaven. But this Halloween, she has some help in the form of a very determined human. Now if only he doesn’t run away from marrying an angel!

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Angelfire by Virginnia de Parte

Candles, garlic, rifle, bullets – will these be enough to save Emma’s life on Halloween?



“So…tonight is Halloween, as you know, and each year on this night he visits me, with a friend–another warlock. I am supposed to have sex with his friend while he watches. This means he gets points for supplying an angel to rape, plus he gets his own thrill from watching.”

Lewis shuddered and clenched his fists. His back stiffened and he pushed his legs out straight. “I’ll kill him,” he muttered.

She hurried on, “I’ve fought against them every time for the last three years before I’ve been overwhelmed, but tonight I decided I would either kill them or be killed.” She lifted a corner of the rug that covered the rifle.

“Shit,” said Lewis. “Now I really do believe you.”

“When you rang the doorbell I wondered if you were him at the door, which is why I didn’t open it at first. I was about to light the fire to keep him out of the chimney. He’s now able to materialize from wisps of cloud.  His bad deeds are piling up and he gets rewards for each one. These give him extra powers.”

“Sounds like a real sick soul who likes to show off.” Lewis held her hands in his. “What are we going to do about him tonight?”

“Do you really mean ‘we’? Things could get really nasty, Lewis.” She gripped his arm. “I don’t want you to die, Lewis, not because of me and my vicious brother.”  She whispered in his ear. “You are too precious and I love you too much to risk your life.”

“I’m not leaving and I’m not having my wife assaulted on an annual basis. Are there any rules against angels marrying mere mortals?  Because I’m planning to propose at dawn, if we both survive.” He tilted his glass and drank the rest of his wine.



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