Take a trip to Regency England with a naughty painting via Sexy to Go #halloween #demon #incubus

Dorian Grey wasn’t a particularly likable literary character, but he is famous for his portrait that never aged. I mixed the idea of a portrait with a more upbeat story about a woman who’s seduced by a painting and a very sexy demon Earl. Oh the social disgrace of it all! Here’s more about it:


The Portrait of Dorian Clements by Eva Lefoy

In Regency England, a rich widow has her portrait painted by a strange traveling artist, not knowing he’s the minion of the demon intent on seducing her. The painting at first seems perfectly normal, but then begins to change, depicting myriad graphic sexual scenes, displaying to her horror the widow’s innermost desires…


Doran followed the arc of her maid’s shaking pointed finger to just above the fireplace. At first, she noted nothing extraordinary. The heavy wood picture frame seemed normal as did the bottom edge of the painting but as her gaze traveled upward….

“Oh my God!” The spoon slipped from her limp fingers, spilling hot soup down her ample, ebony bosom.  But the searing hot pain paled in comparison to the bolt of shock and astonishment rippling through her from head to toe. Vibrating with surprise and horror, she shot up from her seat. Her mouth opened and closed as she struggled to speak, to breathe, even to form a coherent thought. The painting had changed.

The quiet setting of the breakfast room had given way to the boudoir. Dorian’s demure décolletage replaced by a heaving bosom as the Earl of Somerset bent her backwards over his arm, drawing her into his embrace. But that wasn’t all. With his lips pressed to her breast and his breeches open, his one hand cupped her quim while his whore pipe tented his short drawers, seemingly so eager to finish what he’d started it might just pierce her through her petticoats. Imagining the public viewing the scene had her nearly faint. Instead, Dorian’s hand clutched her racing heart and she screamed.




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