This #halloween, healer must save a trapped soul in @pam_moran’s spooky tale #psychic

Pam Moran’s characters are always gifted in unusual ways. Take Lena Andrews, a healer who had just enough psychic powers to be contacted by her lover’s evil twin in her dream. When he pleads for help to release a woman trapped in a magic box, he puts Lena’s relationship with the good twin on the line, in addition to her own safety leaving the reader to question, will she do it? Can she do it?




Unlocking the Past by Pamela Moran

Davis’ past crashes into the world he’s built with Lena. As secrets unfold, will her Healer ability cost her the man she loves?


Dixon fumbled with the cloth, eased it off the box. Held it aloft.

“It’s prettier than I remember from the dream.” Lena leaned forward to run her index finger over the edge of the lid.

Help. A female voice echoed.

Don’t leave me in here.


Other voices mumbled in Lena’s mind, some too low to make out any words. All swirled around her head.

She swayed.

“Lena?” Davis wrapped his arms around her. “Belle?”

“She can hear Kenzie, Davis.”

“I don’t give a shit what she’s hearing. Something’s wrong.”

“Let Belle save her. I’ll walk away. You and Kenzie can have the life you wanted. Don’t blame her. I’m the one who —”

Davis loves Kenzie.

Kenzie loves Davis.

“— Betrayed you. Not Kenzie.”

No, I love Davis.” Lena’s words whispered across the ice cold breeze. “Kenzie can’t have him —”

Help me, Belle … please. Don’t let me die in here.

Arms like steel held her, lifted her, pressed her to a solid chest. Warm lips brushed her temple. “Lena, hang in there, baby.”

Bright light burned through her closed eyelids, she squeezed them tighter. Buried her face against the hard warmth surrounding her. Pressed her hands over her ears.

Help me, Belle. Please.

“Don’t open that.” Davis’ harsh words shot out over her head. “Cover the damn thing.”

“She can save Kenzie.”

“At what cost, Dixon? Look at her. Cover the damn box. Now.”




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