Can this witch save the #monster prince? #PNR new release #FREE on #KU

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Loch Ness Monster cover



During a visit to Loch Ness a talented witch raises the spirit of the castle’s former prince. Determined to rescue him from his cursed existence she must destroy the Loch Ness monster before it drowns her in the lake’s murky depths. When magic fails, is she bold enough to claim her eternal mate or will she die his unwitting victim?

Excerpt: featuring yummy dream sexiness!

Gasping, she broke the kiss and gazed up at him in wonder. From their last encounter she’d not pictured him as her lover, and yet…

He groaned as he slid two fingers inside her, pumping them in out her channel. His lips returned to hers, more demanding this time. His other hand cradled the back of her head and leaving no doubt who controlled their lovemaking. Any thought she had to stall their coupling vanished into thin air. He ground against her, and she into his hand.

“Robert,” she breathed.

“Yes, my wife.” His lips traveled over her chin and down her neck to her breast. Pushing her dress away, he sucked her nipple until her back raised off the bed. Down below, his talented fingers molded against her body giving her every sensation she needed. With scant more provocation, she’d come.

Moving to the other breast, he lavished the rosy bud with the same treatment before groaning in her ear and rutting hard against her leg. His near loss of control spun hers on its axis. She came, flooding his hand and bucking her hips until every sensation proved too strong for her to bear. When she’d collapsed on the bed he rose up, opened his leggings and positioned himself with his cockhead nudging her entrance. Gazing at her as though rapt in her beauty, he entered her with a quick jab.

Having him inside her shouldn’t have felt that good. It should have made her question her sanity or perhaps force her to wake up from the dream. Instead, she wrapped her arms around him and splayed her legs wider as if her body craved his touch. “Yes, Robert.”

He hovered over her, his expression dire. “Nothing will separate us, Marion. For time immemorial. Say so, and may it be true.”

The urgency in his words struck her first, then the tone. Almost as though it carried magic, or perhaps the ability to seal their fates together, so strong was his love. At that moment, she knew. Robert had been her husband in a past life, and the child she’d seen was their son. She would be drawn to him always and forever. If she wanted no part of this, she had to say to say so now. Yet her tongue refused.

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