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Muscled Shirtless Soldier in Camouflage Pants and Black Shoes on the Beach Sand

Doesn’t he look lonely?

I have been neglecting my soldiers. Poor fellows! So I thought it was time to do a post about Trent and Derek, the two ex-Army characters from A Soldier for Christmas and Rescuing Kyle. What do they have in common and how did they end up with their own stories?

RescuingKyle2_WDIn Rescuing Kyle, Derek is still in recovery from the events that he witnessed in the Middle East. He keeps to himself and has definitely forgotten how to laugh.

He first sees Kyle in a dark alley, being beaten by two men. He comes to Kyle’s rescue – of course! – and against his better judgement, takes the homeless kid home with him.

It isn’t long afterward that Derek rediscovers how to have a little fun in life….



In A Soldier for Christmas, Trent is the quintessential strong, silent type. He shows upASoldierforChristmas_Lefoy_KJacen unannounced at his former BFF’s pre-Christmas party and there he sees Cameron, the young man he left behind years ago because he was simply too young at the time.

It isn’t long before he’s trying to look out for the guy, even though just being in his presence is almost too much sensory overload for Trent, who suffers from PTSD. For him, it’s better to feel nothing than to risk over stimulation. Unfortunately, a lot of stimulation is what’s going to happen when these two get together!

Interestingly enough, when Cameron is in danger, Trent comes to the rescue even at the loss of precious control. What’s he to do when all his barriers are down the man he’s denied himself wants him anyway? Give in to the need, of course!

So these two soldiers do find a way to let love and romance and sex back into their lives. The road to get there is choppy and uneven, and not as nice and tidy as they’d like. There are some sad and some scary moments for them, and for the younger men who want them, some growing up to do. But for everyone it’s well worth it!

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