Get variety with #Sexy to Go vol 12 and 10 hot new stories for #99cents

STG12CoverFrom hot married couples to tie-downs and long-awaited hookups, Sexy to Go Volume 12 has it all, Join us for the final monthly installment of erotic romance at its finest and remember, variety is the spice of life!

Dreamwalker: Beloved by Pamela Moran – ROMANTIC SUSPENSE
Someone is stalking CEO Cara Falco. Can her former Dream Lover, Zach Langston, convince her she’s safer with him than without him?

Locked Desire by Shiloh Saddler – GLBT
Quincy Willmott hasn’t been a whole man since the War Between the States. He didn’t lose a limb, he lost his heart due to a curse. Now he is searching for the woman or man to break the spell.

Steal My Heart by Eva Lefoy – SEX IN THE WINE CELLAR
A wealthy man abandoned by his frigid wife. A jewelry thief tempted by an easy mark. When it turns out the diamonds are fake, he offers her a pleasurable way out of crime that she may not be able to resist.

Adam’s Apple by Ella Dominguez – HOT DESIRE
When two ad execs deny themselves their carnal attraction for one another, things get complicated. But unbridled passion can only be denied for so long.

Unconventional Fling, Part 3 by Allyson Lindt – GEEK LOVE
Jade and Brandon are struggling to make long-distance work long-term. As the stolen weekends together stack up, they question whether there’s more to them than just a one-night-stand. Can they make their unconventional fling into more?

Get Your Rocks Off by Jocelyn Dex – HOT MARRIED COUPLE
Kane surprises Vera with an unconventional sex toy. Will she enjoy it, or will it be too hot to handle?

Double the Fantasy by Eva Lefoy – MENAGE AND MORE
First Ted’s seduced by lesbians in a movie theater, then by a straight woman who needs a good spanking, leaving Ted both happy and confused.

Geek Overboard, Part 7 by Kathryn Lively – GEEK LOVE
The final chapter! Will Natalie and Daws sail into the sunset before somebody plots to sink their romance?

Lady in Red by Shiloh Saddler – GLBT 
Marta attends a pre-Christmas ladies night out party. She enjoys watching the women on the dance floor more than participating until Traci catches her eye in a flirty cocktail dress. The two of them strike up a friendship over drinks, but as the night wears on will it end or lead to something more?

The Weatherman, Part 4 by Daisy Banks – BDSM 
Jack’s divorce is complete and his wedding to Clair approaches but a sinister fear might spoil their celebratory night. Claire’s appearance drags up a mass of concerns as he discovers she’s set herself a vicious weight loss goal. He will fight with all he’d got for the woman he loves.


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