Excerpt: #christmas boxed set #zombie excerpt by @gJillianStone

Today I’ve brought you an excerpt from Eat, Slay, Lust by Jillian Stone, one of the stories in the Sexy to Go Christmas edition.

XmasCover3D_FEat, Slay, Lust

by Jillian Stone




This looked bad. Like I was about to steal his road rocket motorcycle and take off without him. And don’t get me wrong the thought had crossed my mind.

“I…was just going to ride up the hill to get a better look at the z-storm.” I nodded west and he tracked my line of sight.

He stood there shirtless, resting the M-4 carbine on his shoulder. Chris was hot all right, and not just because his cheeks were flushed by a mild fever. Half-zipped commando fatigues hung low on his hips accentuating two sexy curves of groin muscle.

It was embarrassing the way I stared. I was a physician. I’d studied the human anatomy inside and out. I could describe in detail, the muscular structure of that torso––down to its most insignificant connecting tissues. I’d dated men with bodies almost this good. So what was it about this body?

Ice blue eyes scanned the surrounding desert and returned to me. “Get off the bike.”

“Why? I need the practice. What if you get too weak to drive?” His glare remained solidly primitive.

I killed the engine and dismounted.

He studied my packing job. “Christ, what a mess.”

I stared at him, open-mouthed. “What?”

“This is a fucking great bike. Now it’s a Subaru station wagon.” He lowered his weapon.

I planted both fists on my hips. “Damn, you won’t be able to impress zombie chicks.”

He squinted at me.

I snorted a laugh.

He reached out and yanked me close. “Quiet…you.” He silenced me with his mouth, and I nearly went weak-kneed in his arms. He released me just enough to catch my breath, then he kissed me again. Chapped lips aside, he was a world-class kisser.

He let me go. “You weren’t going to leave me?”

“Of course not.” I dug for the bandana in my jacket pocket. “I kind of like having a competent zombie slayer around. And, at the moment, you need a doctor.” I held my wrist to his forehead, cool and damp. “Your fever just broke. A good sign, Captain Oakley.” I wiped his sweaty brow.

He shook his head. “Don’t.”


His gaze was direct, with a little spark in the eyes. “You’re making me like you.”

Not many men were capable of pulling off testy and flirty. And now that it was daylight, I got the full effect of those sapphire blue eyes. The color reminded me of the ocean’s surface on a sunny day. Almost too sparkling to take in and deadly piercing.

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