Would you like a new cover? #christmas #GLBT #soldier #PTSD out Dec. 1st

This story is new and due to be released in November from MLR Press. They have been a great publisher and always have great calls for new works. This submission is for their special Christmas release. Books will be available by Dec. 1st.





Cameron was sixteen when the hunky Trent Anderson kissed him and spoiled him for all other men. The next day, Trent left for a tour of duty in the Middle East without so much as a wave goodbye.  When Trent returns five years later, he’s a changed man. Can Cameron put aside his long-held fantasies and accept the flawed solider he’s always wanted for Christmas?


Trent Anderson served for four years in the U.S. Army and then signed up for one more as a security contractor. He bears no physical scars from Iraq, but he secretly fights an invisible enemy. A sound, a look, a situation can trigger a flashback and send him right back into combat mode. When Cameron’s attacked, his PTSD escalates, and Trent must get help or else  forfeit the man he left behind forever.

Note: this Christmas story doesn’t feature any candy canes nor any fluffy white marshmallows floating in oh-so-yummy hot chocolate. It does feature a returning soldier suffering from PTSD trying desperately to claim the young man he’s secretly had the hots for during his tour of the Middle East without falling prey to the invisible mental and emotional monster riding his back.

It also features men trying to get it on, coming close to getting it on, and then finally getting it on.

Also, the other MC has abandonment and anger issues, not exactly what you’d call holiday spirit! But, for these two, it’s going to be the best Christmas ever!



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