Make a date with vols 5-8 at #99cents each there’s still time to heat up your #summer!



Our end of summer $.99 sale is in full swing. All 8 volumes are included. If you haven’t peeked yet, here’s a look volumes 5-8:

STGCover VOlume 5Sexy to Go, Volume 5

This May, purple is the new black! Join us for Volume 5 of Sexy to Go, the only erotic romance boxed set that matches the thermometer degree for degree and always leaves you wanting more. 

Amazon Universal Link:

Black Dress and Pearls by Virginnia De Parte

Rachel is mad keen on competitions and spends time, while recovering from an accident, entering them. She wins ‘dinner with the sponsor’ as a prize for contest she can’t remember taking part in. She’s had memory problems since the accident but who wouldn’t welcome a dining experience – and a break from looking after her toddler, Julian?
Her dining partner is good-looking, charming and still single. Why hasn’t someone snaffled him up and why does he have an air of sadness?


Reflected Pleasures by Tara Quan
A shopping trip turns sexy when Kailee’s dominant husband steers her to a private boutique. To reward his patience, Damien demands a striptease from his reluctant bride—one they both get to watch.


In Deep by Allie Ritch

Elandra’s people are magically connected to the sea, but an act of heroism leaves her scarred and terrified of the water. Dorian is determined to overcome her fear…by offering his sexy body as bait.


Dreamwalker: This Time by Pamela Moran

Something is stalking Tessa’s dreams. Is Cole, her Dreamwalker ex-lover, willing to risk his heart to keep her safe, or has that bridge been completely burnt to ashes?


Rewriting the Law Part 3 by Daisy Banks
Retrieval officer Elana Harnip is saved from death in the Jagan desert by Ansgar, a Jagan male who longs for a mate. She discovers there is no fragrance sweeter than his. The water he offers stimulates her hormones so she can only find satisfaction with him. Physicality overwhelms all her cool logic and emotions she thought controlled rise, forcing her to question all she knows.


Demon’s Bounty by Jocelyn Dex

When the Network hires a siren named Lydie, things get a lot more complicated for veteran demon hunter Tanner, and a lot hotter. Passion ignites when Tanner decides to give in to his desires and sample what Lydie is offering.


Sly Fox, Part 2 by Leigh Ellwood

Better late than never! After years of living a lie, Adrian is finally out and proud. He’s ready to make up for lost time with Anson, but are they rushing things?


Sunrise by Sofia Grey

After a passionate night with his new lover, Joel gets a shock in the morning. A naked girl in bed with them. Has Anton been entirely honest with him?


Roping His Cowboy (One Night with a Cowboy) by Sorcha Mowbray

Brig and Shane have been long time roping partners and best friends. But, after a drunken kiss everything changes. The question is, can Shane snag the cowboy of his heart or will he get away?


Mate me or Hate me by Eva Lefoy

Still reeling from the revelation of her shifter heritage, Casi and her unborn baby are threatened by another pack. As she and Snake grow closer, Liam attempts to claim her for his own.


That’s how it is by Shiloh Saddler

Daniel and James run into an acquaintance in town who agrees to loan them the money they need to pay the bank. Things are looking up until Daniel is attacked. Will James’ love save him?


JuneCoverSexy to Go, Volume 6

11 sizzling stories for women who like it hot! Erotic romance for women by women featuring contemporary, paranormal, BDSM, and more.

Amazon Universal Link:


Command Performance by Sorcha Mowbray

Can a billionaire playboy take charge of a headstrong ballerina or will she lead him a merry chase before dancing off into the sunset?


First Class by Jocelyn Dex

Shay is terrified to fly, but when a sexy-as-sin man sits next to her in first class, he provides a distraction that changes her outlook on flying and leaves her longing for more.


Geek Overboard, #1 by Kathryn Lively

Dumped at the last minute by her boyfriend, Natalie is stuck on a cruise ship with hundreds of sci-fi fans. She intends to make the most of it…maybe that handsome man by the pool can help.


Dreamwalker: Dream Date by Pamela Moran

Dreamwalker Lee Jacobs needs answers to who shot him, to who wanted him dead. Can a dream date with sexy Dr. Brynn Keegan, a researcher at the Lucid Dream Center, help him find the answers? Or will that date only lead to murder?


Rewriting the Law, Part 4 by Daisy Banks 
Elana attempts to leave the safety of the bakery. She discovers Jagan law is implacable, or at least it is when administered by the broad palm of Ansgar. His promise to listen to her tale once the law is satisfied isn’t the only reward for obedience.


Alien Sex Life an Alien Sex Ed story by Allie Ritch
Can alien lovers negotiate a life together? Four-armed Valene is madly in love with Apax, but she’s nervous about her impending marriage.


Pleasured by a Ghost by Haley Whitehall

Confederate soldier Randal Hartford promised his intended he’d wed her after the war and make her dreams come true. Killed at the Battle of Shiloh, he returns in ghostly form. Although not the reunion she expected, he fulfills her every fantasy.


 Love or Money by Shiloh Saddler

After being attacked, Daniel owes Dr. Abrams a lot for saving his life and nursing him back to health. Only the doctor asks for a night with his lover, James, as payment. Could this destroy their relationship or open a new door?


On the Sly, Part 1 by Leigh Ellwood

It’s 1989, and somebody is attacking gay man in Archer Beach. Officer Jeremy Truman is determined to find the assailant, and protect Colin.


Daylight (48 Hours #3) by Sofia Grey

Joel is happily falling in love with his new boyfriend, Anton, so why is he attracted to Anton’s female roommate? He doesn’t do girls any more – especially not when he has everything he wants in Anton.


Unburied Hatchet by Eva Lefoy

The pack’s move is delayed by a double childbirth. Afterward, Casi experiences her first shift, but on return home, discovers a brutal attack on the pack will separate her from everyone she loves.

JulyCoverSexy to Go, Volume 7

11 sexy book boyfriends to steal you away every month. From billionaires to geeks, cops to alien lovers, the men you desire are waiting for you in Sexy to Go. 

Amazon Universal Link:

First Class part 2 by Jocelyn Dex

Shay fantasizes about Max after their sexy plane experience, but when she finds out his true identity, she fears she’ll be fired for her wanton behavior. Will Shay lose her job or just her panties?


Landscapes of Love Part 1, by Virginnia De Parte

Sally is stunned when Louise admits that her gardener, Raffety Blake is providing her with “extras.” From the small print on his business card Sally has no problem understanding the meaning of that word ‘extras’. In this case the fine print is definitely worth reading. Louise’s recent bloom isn’t all the result of good health.
Sally needs a gardener and she needs the extras as well. Raffety Blake is a man of charm and inventiveness. As well as his magic touch in the garden he indulges Sally and she blossoms under his care.

Follow the seasons as these two cougars enjoy watching their gardens return to rude health as Raffety Blake endeavours to tame their cravings.


Geek Overboard, #2 by Kathryn Lively

How did Natalie go from jilted girlfriend to sci-fi celebrity in less then a day? A kiss at the pool from a B-list actor may be her ticket to an out of this world adventure.


Dreamwalker: Finders, Inc. by Pamela Moran

When psychic PI, Flint Payson, accuses Dreamwalker, Iona Brooks, of stealing from his client, all bets are off. Flint never expected navigating the dream world to be quite so treacherous. Or so sensual. Can he keep his hands off Iona long enough to discover the truth?


Rewriting the Law, Part 5 by Daisy Banks 
What is found in the sands of Jagan is owned. Ansgar discovered his off-worlder and claimed her. His discovery of her secret desires means he will never think of the Law’s punishment in the same way again. But there is more to their mating. Somehow he must help her complete her mission or lose her.


Sing for Me by Haley Whitehall

Kate is a lady of the night and works at the Bird Cage in Butte, Montana. She keeps her heart closed, and figures her life will be as lonely as her mama’s until a miner, Cliff Jensen, makes her a promise for the future.


Meeting the Parents by Sofia Grey

Daisy has a bad feeling about taking her rock star boyfriend home to meet her family. Charlie doesn’t take anything—or anyone—seriously. Will their fledging relationship survive the visit?


Rescued by the Billionaire by Eva Lefoy

Madison falls off the tour boat in Lake Union and swims for the shore. There she’s rescued by a billionaire with a preference for plus-sized women who’ll pull out all the stops to keep her to himself.


Love & Survival by Sorcha Mowbray

Best friends since they were kids Liam Whelan and Nate Lords struggle to survive in a post-apocalypse civilization where the government is crumbling. Dramatic changes in their lives will either drive them apart or bring them closer together than they ever imagined.

Surprise Waiting by Shiloh Saddler

James is hired out for a month to repay for Daniel’s loan. Separated from his lover, he imagined his life would be lonely. He never expected two surprises waiting for him on the Moore plantation.


On the Sly, Part 2 by Leigh Ellwood

The Jackson Park Jumper is caught, or is he? Colin isn’t convinced and he’s willing to take the law into his own hands. Tru, however, is determined to keep him safe.

vol 8 3dSexy to Go, Volume 8

Sexy to Go Volume 8 will heat your e-reader faster than the sun on a scorching August day. Whether friends to lovers make you swoon, a fake romance steals your fantasies, you prefer your geeks with a hint of naughtiness, or haughty controlling billionaires are more your style, this month’s collection of 11 shorts will make your pulse race, and take your breath away. 

Amazon Universal Link:

First Class part 3 by Jocelyn Dex

When Shay begins feeling like a call girl instead of a sexually progressive woman, she decides to put a stop to the sexcapades in the boss’s office. But, when Max turns on the charm, will she stand her ground or bend to his will?

Landscapes of Love Part 2, by Virginnia De Parte

Sally’s new gardener had demonstrated how well he handled her needs, over and above those required in her garden. Would her desires be fulfilled again this week?

Geek Overboard, #3 by Kathryn Lively

Natalie could get used to playing the role of celebrity wife, but when fans want details of her life with Daws it gets sticky. Who knew a fake relationship was so much work?

Dreamwalker: Mind Games by Pamela Moran

As a medium, Jana, the newest Dreamwalker, is used to hearing voices in her head. But when the latest voice insists she warn his twin, Brant, of impending danger, she’s left in peril of losing her heart to the sexy, top-secret researcher.

Rewriting the Law, Part 6 by Daisy Banks 
Ansgar’s fears he may lose his precious mate multiply as they are called to the capital. The debate with all the High Commissioners and the Melan females is full of dangers. He will not willingly be parted from Elana, but if she demands to leave he must let her go. All the happiness in his life hangs on the outcome of these meetings and Elana’s will.

Fire Woman by Haley Whitehall

Tempest Killian is cast out of her coven for being unable to control her power to create fire. Transported to a remote snowy mountain she arrives at the door of Raven a reclusive man who claims he’s her mate. Is he a madman or are they fated to be together?

To Have and to Hold, A Charlie and Daisy by Sofia Grey

Daisy feels like she’s living a dream–engaged to the man she loves, and wearing a gorgeous ring as a reminder. But with the wedding planner from hell, and Charlie’s insistence they marry sooner rather than later, Daisy worries her happily ever after may be over before it even starts.

The Billionaire and the Bellhop by Eva Lefoy

Billionaire Arianna Reynolds checks into a swank NYC hotel and meets the bellhop of her dreams. But Dylan Bartelli is no ordinary bellhop. The genius car maker will spin her party girl life around.

Friend Zone by Sorcha Mowbray

Quinn’s honeymooning with his dream woman. Too bad he was back-up for his best friend, Kara, whose fiancé cheated. But, with seven days and six nights in paradise can Quinn make the leap from friend to lover? Or will he be stuck in the friend zone?


Wrapped in Ribbon by Shiloh Saddler

Finally, Daniel’s life is looking up. With money in the bank and his lover healed, he wants to celebrate. He gives James the present he’s wanted to give him for years and is surprised by the present James gives him in return.

On the Sly, Part 3 by Leigh Ellwood

Missed connections leave Colin free for the evening, and free to track down the Jackson Park Jumper once and for all. Looks like he’ll need Tru’s help after all.

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