#SFR android heroes need love too! Week 4 of @sfrbrigade Summer Cafe #giveaways


This week we are discussing android heroes and lovers in science fiction romance. And really, be honest, who doesn’t want one of their own? I sure do!!

The beautiful and strong young guy

Everett, from Download My Love

This is Everett. He’s the hero in Download My Love. He’s an android, he’s quick, smart and strong, and he also has feelings…. Yes, feelings! How inconvenient is that?

For Samantha, the daughter of the scientist who created android live, VERY inconvenient.

She’s not the most tech-friendly girl around. She’s a back-to-lander cow loving human through and through. Meeting up with Everett forces her to look at her anger at her father and decide if she can forgive him and accept his creations.

It helps an awful lot that Everett has a super charged, specially designed and even detachable penis!

See, androids aren’t all that dry of a topic! Of course, having emotions and a penis are tough for any male, but for an android used to clear, concise, mental processes? Wowsa!

Download-My-Love300x450He’d never felt this before—a surging need to possess, to claim a woman. A human woman. He remembered the upgrades. The Emo. He’d been programmed to fall in love with her because it would improve her chances of survival. Right now, the chance of her surviving the night without him fucking her up against the wall were slim. Very slim. He needed to get his head back in the game. He needed to focus on a plan to save her life. He needed to get rid of his solidly stiff penis currently sucking up too much electricity and making thinking difficult.

He popped his mouth off hers and gently pushed her panting form back. He ached. If he didn’t draw her back into his arms once more he’d die. Everett wasn’t sure exactly what it took to make an android die but didn’t want to find out. Engage brain. “Miss Gold…Samantha. I-I think you should go in the bedroom now and get some rest. You’ll need it. I’ll fetch you when it’s time to leave.”

She nodded vacantly and wandered toward the room as if in a stupor. He watched her go, and then slipped into the bathroom. Unzipping his pants, he grabbed the source of his concentration problems, gave it a clockwise turn and a good forceful yank. The penis came off and laid there warm and vibrating his hand. “Aahhh.” Sighing with relief he opened the medicine cabinet and stowed it on an empty shelf, then shut the door and went back to the main room where he sat with his head in his hands desperately trying to locate the Emo protocols and shut them down before he lost all touch with the reality he used to know.

The one that existed before he loved Samantha Gold.

Be kind, be gentle to androids this week – remember, they’re under an awful lot of strain!!

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