Sometimes the wrong movie puts you in the right mood! #malepov #erotica #menage

????????Shy geek Ted goes the movies alone on a Monday night prepared to see a sci-fi flick. But that’s not what happens. Just a short way into the movie, the film suddenly changes. Gone are the space battles and onscreen are two lovely ladies giving each other some action.

To say it makes Ted hot under the collar is an understatement!

But then he gets an even bigger surprise… Because the two women on the screen aren’t the only women who want to play…

Double the Fantasy smallerExcerpt: Double the Fantasy

In my peripheral vision I can see the two women on the screen are now licking each other’s pussies. They’re hard at it, their fingers swirling over each other’s clits. I see the thighs of the Asian woman tremble. She lets out a throaty cry and I know it can’t be a faked orgasm I’m seeing. Her limbs quiver as the release ripples through her. Suddenly the combined stimulation is too much.  A hoarse shout rips out of me. I close my eyes and clamp down hard on the last few shreds of my control, which starts to waver as the cunt of the woman riding me grips me hard as she rocks back and forth.

My entire length’s inside her, my head knocking against her peak. She leans back, holding onto the chairs in the row for support, and when I open my eyes I get a full view of her long, svelte body. Surprisingly, she’s got tattoos of eagle feathers wrapped around her slim hipbones. I trace my fingers over the ink, watch her full, round breasts bounce up and down. When she speeds up, I know I’m done for.

A couple seconds later she screams, her cunt milking me hard. That’s it. My control snaps. A Titanic sized orgasm fires up my base.

I clutch the chair arms as a hot burst of cum exits my balls and surges up my cock. We’re all screaming in unison – me, the women on the screen, and the woman riding me cowgirl style. My hips press up, seeking, wanting to take me deeper, burying myself in her forever. Her cunt is so perfect, so tight, that it takes my breath away.

I watch her body bow and flex as her release unravels, all the while spearing her for all I’m worth. I need her, need inside her as far as I can go. I’m so obsessed with fucking her that I totally forget the two women on the screen, don’t even hear the woman behind me get out of her chair and come down the aisle. But suddenly, she’s standing next to me.


See what happens next to Ted, Allison, Meaghan and the two women in the movie in Double the Fantasy. Free on Kindle Unlimited!

Happy reading!



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