Kyle has a lot to learn from ex-military Derek #glbt romance #college #Newadult

Kyle’s young and has a lot to learn about life. He’s got a good enough head on his shoulders to know what he wants, but he’s got no idea how to get there. When his dad kicks him out, he’s got no one to turn to. Things look even worse when he’s chased and beaten in an alley by thugs after what little he has left.

When Derek rescues the rich kid, he’s determined to send him home. Only finding out Kyle’s dad is a major ass stops him. His urge to protect and guide Kyle to a better life at first doesn’t include him, but Kyle brings something to table, too. He reminds Derek how to have fun in life, as only a geeky toy-boy can!




Rescuing Kyle

One man’s running for his life. His rescuer’s fleeing from the past. When the two men collide, one will attempt to prove his worth and the other will try to hang onto his heart.

Kicked out of his dad’s house for being gay, Kyle’s running for his life. When he’s rescued by hot ex-Army soldier Derek, he desires nothing more than a safe place to stay – preferably in Derek’s arms. But convincing Derek won’t be easy as he has his own demons to fight. Haunted by memories of the war in Afghanistan, Derek’s taken aback by Kyle’s playfulness and obvious hero worship. Determined not to act on his attraction he resists, but even he can’t withstand the sheer amount of fun one smart, sassy techie boy can bring.

Can one somber ex-soldier and one soda-fueled young genius find happiness down by the docks?



“Things like that happen when you wander alone in a bad area at night.” He frowned and let the words sink in, hopefully scaring some sense into the kid. “Besides, it’s obvious you don’t belong on this side of town. This was your first time down here, wasn’t it?”

Kyle’s jaw dropped. “How did you know?”

He nodded at the expensive possessions. “Your Nikes are barely worn. Your backpack is new. And you don’t know how to take care of yourself in a fight.” His heart heavy, he hustled away finally, heading toward his beer. He hated playing the know-it-all asshole, but there was no way this kid could take care of himself on the street. Time for the runaway or whatever he was to go back where he came from. Settling his feet back on the desk, he leaned back in the chair and flipped open his cell phone. “Why don’t I call you a cab so you can go home?”

Kyle shook his head, winced, and then did it again slower. He raised both hands in front of him. “No, don’t. Please. I’m not going back. I can’t.”

He rolled his eyes. Yeah, right. Had a fight with his rich daddy after they argued over his allowance. Poor baby. Well, their falling out had to have been recent because the kid still reeked of money, probably the reason those two goons had targeted him in the first place. More likely he’d run away on a whim—after his daddy didn’t get him the car he wanted for his birthday. He raised a brow and stared Kyle down. He was done with this monkey business and not willing to tolerate crap excuses. “How come?”

There were a few moments of silence before Kyle swung his legs over the bed and wrapped his arms around himself. The position made him seem smaller, weaker. “You might as well know.” With his head hanging low and his shoulders slumped, he looked more like a victim than a privileged youth. The shame rolling off him pounded into Derek’s chest, making his heart beat faster. Finally, Kyle sucked in a breath and whispered, “My dad found out I’m gay.”

Son of a bitch. Derek tore out of his chair. He stalked over to the bed, automatically assuming a guard position. If some dude wanted to beat Kyle up for his sexual preference, he’d be all too happy to force them to go through him first. Preying on the kid for his gayness wasn’t going to happen on his watch. He’d had enough of that bullshit in the Army, and he had the scars to prove it.

Kyle peered up at him, trembling, and swallowed. “Are you gonna kick me out for that, too?”

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