Food challenged #SFR heroines in the #scifi world – my Week 1 of @sfrbrigade Summer Cafe #giveaways


Welcome earthlings! So glad you can join us for week 1 of the Sci-fi Romance Brigade’s Summer Cafe. This week is yummy yummy space opera week. How yummy is it? Scrumptious! Unless you’re a character in a space opera novel and then it can be…. iffy.

TheTroubleWithMemories300Lucy, in The Trouble With Memories, has issues with food. From the moment we first meet her – and she’s delivering breakfast to Captain Cal Sykes – she’s already hacked off about what’s on his tray:

She glared at his reconstituted mashed potato, sauerkraut, and bratwurst breakfast, then at him. How in the hell could he live on such a rotten diet and expect to see the ass end of sixty anyway? Not that she should care. He could grow fatter than a gas ox, she didn’t care.

“Your breakfast.” More quietly she hissed, “Sir.”

Poor Lucy. Things only go from bad to worse for her in the food department. After Cal and Lucy stage a shootout and make a quick getaway, she’s stuck on a deserted moon with only canned fish to eat. Lucy. Hates. Fish.

Cal thought he saw a flash of pain in her eyes, saw the old Lucy coming through. “Lucy, I’m so sorry. I—”

“And you. You lied to me. You left me stranded with nothing but fish to eat.” She punched his chest. Hard. With each syllable. “I. Hate. Fish. And now you want me to play nice and kiss and make up?”

He thought about the question for two point five seconds. “Yes.”

I should really have given Lucy at least one fine dining experience in this story. I mean, what’s the harm? Torturing your characters can only go so far if you wish them to remain alive – and believe me, I took Lucy to the edge and back on that one! – but sometimes a moment of happiness can work well too.

Okay, so here’s a chance for Lucy to be happy. I’m going to put her in a fine dining room in a nice dress at a linen covered table. She lifts the heavy menu and opens it. There are no prices,only listings of dinner items. What does she choose?

She picks….. Alphabetti Spaghetti!

In a galaxy far, far away, pasta is always the safe choice! Besides, you can play with the letter and make little love notes. Heh. Like maybe, NO MORE FISH.

I tried to find an alphabetti spaghetti recipe that looked yummy but I’m still searching for one that looks better than the canned variety. The search goes on….

This week I’m joined by other bloggers who wish to expound on all things space opera-y and also talk about food & drink in space. Hang onto your stomachs earth weaklings! Here we come!


Be good earthlings and DO visit the blogs and enter the GIVEAWAY as well. Find the info here:





2 thoughts on “Food challenged #SFR heroines in the #scifi world – my Week 1 of @sfrbrigade Summer Cafe #giveaways

  1. Eva, how do I join this wonderful list of Authors with my Dystopian Series Psychic Menage? I’d love to join this wonderful SFR Brigade’s Summer Cafe! If it’s too late for this year, how can I get on the invite list for next year?

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