The red book of adult fairy tales – #shifter mayhem included! @decadentpub #99cents #PNR

Only sorcery can keep a male wolf from his mate….



I’m in good company with four other amazing authors in the new Adult Fairytales boxed set from Decadent Publishing. My story, Darkest Magic, was one of the very first released. It is my first shifter story, too. Wowsa! Here’s the deets:



Nik Epperstein’s alpha lost his mate two years ago and took an evil witch as his new bride. Ever since then, Eli’s leadership has become violent, bordering on insane. When Eli attacks him, Nik’s healing powers mysteriously vanish. He can’t defend himself, nor protect the wolf he secretly loves. Only through the help of a foul-mouthed witch and an overly-dramatic dwarf will he save her – but their assistance comes at a price.


Caroline has tried for two years to lure Nik into her bed and can’t understand his hesitation.  After all, she senses their mating bond loud and clear. Then Nik disappears. She confronts her father who tells her Nik is dead, and she’s next on his chopping block.  Without Nik to protect her, she flees the pack and is kidnapped by a man half her size.


Reunited at last, the young wolves have one last chance to ignite their bond. But love must wait when battle looms. Eli and his wife attack, and aren’t above using dirty tricks to win. If Nik and Caroline survive the battle, the dwarf and his wife will require them to make a promise that will change their lives forever…



He laid her on the bed and let his gaze feast upon her.

She was so beautiful, with her silken, golden-brown hair cascading around her, and the simple white tank top she wore accentuating the curve of her breasts. He wanted to lick, touch, and nibble her everywhere. The urgency of his need elongated his fangs, readying them to mark her as his own. Forever. Seconds later, he threw himself on top of her, spreading his scent greedily all over the woman he loved.

His cock ground against her mound and she mewled, a sound he captured with his lips. Again, her honey-sweet flavor mingled with his own, creating a mixture at once familiar and exotic. He kissed her until they panted into each other’s mouths, her hands gripping his shoulders as he writhed over her, his reasoning lost to some deep mating trance. Finally, he propped himself up so he could look at her again. “Mine. Jesus, I can’t believe you’re actually mine.”

“I always have been, Nik. Always.”

Deep in his heart, he knew it to be true. Petrina had hidden this from him, but she didn’t have the power to change fate. No, shejust tried to have Caroline killed. A low growl worked its way up his throat.

Caroline placed her palm on his chest. “What? What’s wrong?”

“Petrina. She kept me from you. From my mate.” Two strong desires warred in him. Claiming. Protecting. Both involved Caroline. If he took her now, she would always be his. But if he rid the pack of Petrina, the witch could never interfere in any of their lives again. With Petrina on her way he needed to make a decision. Sighing through his teeth, he rolled off Caroline. No matter how much he wanted, needed to claim her right this instant, he would not. Could not. Mating would have to wait.

“I’m here now, Nik.”

“I know. I’m sorry. I’ve got to do this first, take care of the wicked witch.”

“And my father, too?”

He heard the worry in her voice, and the unspoken question. Would he kill Eli or let him live? His wolf paced. He threatened my mate. Eli deserves to die. But his human side remembered Eli’s friendship and the strong leader he used to be.

Without Petrina’s influence, could Eli become a good alpha again, or was the man simply a liability? Too old? Too weak? A willing victim for any witch with a pleasant smile and a bag full of dirty tricks? He ran a hand through his hair. “I don’t know. I’ll deal with him after I deal with Petrina. I’ll give him a chance—one chance and that’s all.”

“Thank you.” Caroline wrapped her arms around him and held, raining kisses on his neck.

Her soft lips sent heat flaring through his core. “Stop, or I won’t be able to concentrate on anything but you.”

“You say that as if it’s a bad thing.” One of her hands slid down his chest, over his abs, and cupped the hard-on pressing against his zipper. Mine, his wolf demanded. Mine.


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