Love the #rainbow with the #HAHABT blog hop – enter here, stay tolerant for good!

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It’s time once again to celebrate the International Day Against Homophobia Biphobia and Transphobia. Folks, this celebration and blog hop is a great way to spread the word of tolerance and one that attracts a large group of authors, bloggers and supporters every year. At last count, there were 102 participants and the list was still growing. Woot!

As a GLBTQ author I enjoy writing and reading the full spectrum of the rainbow. I believe everyone deserves to have the love they desire and not be subject to harassment or discrimination. Which is why it’s so great to be in this genre because us authors get to make sure no desire for love goes unfulfilled!

Since this hop runs through the 24th, I will be able to giveaway a copy of my latest release from MLR Press, Rescuing Kyle, which releases on Memorial Day. Here’s a look at the book and the cover:



Kyle woke to a dismal rain-soaked morning and a smack on the arm from Derek.

“Hey, sleepyhead. About time you woke up.”

Derek sped by him, and Kyle surreptitiously studied the outline of the man who’d rescued him from those jerks. Now he could see why those two dirt bags had hit the ground so fast. Derek was built. Hell, he was freaking ripped. Shoulders like a linebacker swayed over a firm muscular ass as he moved. And damn, could he move.

Kyle leaned out of the bed to watch as Derek strode toward the kitchen and had to yank himself back into place when Derek suddenly stuck his head around the doorframe. The sudden movement made Kyle dizzy.

“I suppose you’re hungry. You’ll want breakfast too, right?” Derek said it in kind of a teasing, put-out way, which was both humorous and sexy.

“Yeah. I’m starved.”

“Figures.” Derek sighed dramatically. “Well, just sit there. I’ll serve your ass breakfast in bed.”

He laughed. The guy faked being irritated well, but he cooked like a hurricane. He could have made it onto one of those chef competition shows and won. Pans hit the stove, eggs cracked, and sausage and hash browns were all flipped in close succession. If he hadn’t been a short-order cook in the past, Kyle would be very surprised. “What about coffee?”

A heavy sigh issued from the kitchen. “Jesus. Gotta have that too, I suppose. You want cream? Sugar?”


“Good, ’cause there isn’t any.” Derek emerged long enough to hand him a mug filled with steaming black coffee then quickly disappeared again. But in that short time, Kyle had memorized his face.

Derek wasn’t a man anyone would dare to call cute. His cheekbones were too wide and his jaw too massive and square to be considered anything but an example of pure rugged masculinity. With his blond slightly grown out crew cut bed-mussed, his appearance gave a no-nonsense semi-uptight impression that matched his personality. Kyle’s groin tightened at the sight. Not only because Derek was fully capable of kicking ass, but because he’d probably be an animal in the sack, too. Daydreaming, Kyle’s cup tipped and liquid sloshed out, leaving a dark wet stain on his jeans. Right below his burgeoning erection. He jumped up, trying to wipe away the mess. “Shit.”

“Here you go.” Derek appeared out of nowhere, set a plate down on the desk then strode around to the other side, sitting down with his breakfast. If he noticed Kyle’s situation, he didn’t say anything, but Kyle could swear he saw the corner of Derek’s mouth lift.


In the meantime, leave a comment below related to the hop and I’ll enter you in my drawing. In addition, don’t forget to visit the other sites and enter their giveaways too!

Happy International HAHABT day!




1. Erica Pike (M/M) 2. Cherie Noel (M/M)
3. NJ Nielsen (M/M) 4. K-Lee Klein (M/M)
5. Bronwyn Heeley (M/M) 6. Chris McHart (Multi: M/M, TR)
7. Andrew J. Peters (GAY) 8. Prism Book Alliance (MM, FF, TR, Bi, Rev)
9. L.M. Brown (M/M) 10. Dianne Hartsock (M/M)
11. ScuttlebuttReviews (MM,FF,TR,BI,Rev) 12. Anne Barwell (M/M)
13. Anna Lee (M/M) 14. Draven St. James (M/M)
15. Anna Butler (M/M) 16. A.L. Wilson (M/M, Bi, TR)
17. Jacintha Topaz (BI F/F/M, F/F) 18. Blaine D. Arden (M/M, TR)
19. L. J. LaBarthe (M/M) 20. Iyana Jenna (M/M)
21. Kracken (M/M) 22. Victoria Zagar/Infinite Love (MULTI, REV)
23. Brandon Shire (Gay) 24. Lex Chase (M/M)
25. Amanda C. Stone (M/M) 26. Stephen del Mar (Gay)
27. JC Wallace (M/M) 28. Lasha’s Reviews (REV)
29. Angela S. Stone (M/M) 30. Serena Akeroyd (M/M/F)
31. Marie Landry (F/F) 32. S.J. Frost (M/M)
33. Raythe Reign Publishing (M/M) 34. Susanna Hays (M/M)
35. Racheline Maltese & Erin McRae (GAY, BI, F/F, TR) 36. Kaje Harper (M/M, Bi)
37. Barbara Winkes (F/F) 38. Kat Fletcher (LES)
39. Moonbeams over Atlanta 40. Fever Dreams (Raven J. Spencer)
41. Kimber Vale (M/M) 42. Sexy Erotic Xciting~ Evelise Archer (M/M)
43. Amelia Bishop (MULTI) 44. Shayla Mist (M/M, DES)
45. Caddy Rowland(Gay)/Sibley Jackson (M/M) 46. Thursday Euclid (M/M)
47. Nic Starr (M/M) 48. Anastasia Vitsky (Governing Ana) (F/F, BI)
49. Blogger,reviewer,author, editor, promotion 50. Caraway Carter (M/M, Bi)
51. Grace R. Duncan (M/M, Bi) 52. Elin Gregory
53. Kade Boehme 54. Amberly Smith (M/M)
55. Remmy Duchene Mantasy (M/M) 56. L M Somerton (M/M)
57. Erin O’Quinn (M/M) 58. Lori Toland (M/M)
59. Tyler Robbins (M/M, M/M/M) 60. BFD Book Blog
61. BFD Book Blog (REV) 62. Crystal’s Many Reviewers (M/M, F/F, TR, Bi, Rev)
63. Kenzie Mack (M/M, BI) 64. The Novel Approach Reviews
65. J.P. Bowie (M/M) 66. Devon Rhodes (M/M, Bi)
67. Thianna Durston (M/M) 68. Morticia Knight (M/M, Bi)
69. Bryl R. Tyne (M/M, TR, MULTI, F/F) 70. M.A. Church (M/M)
71. Books A to Z Book Blog 72. Catherine Lievens (M/M)
73. James Lee Hard (MM) 74. Eva Lefoy (M/M)
75. Matthew J. Metzger (MULTI) 76. Andrew Ashling (Gay)
77. Charley Descoteaux (MM, Bi) 78. Michael Mandrake
79. Kate Aaron (Gay) 80. DiverseReader (REV)
81. Hans M Hirschi (Gay, TR) 82. Aeryn Jaden (M/M)
83. Alex C.Clarke (M/M) 84. Louisa Bacio (M/M F/F Bi)
85. Talon ps & Princess so (MM, Bi, Poly, DES) 86. Tasha’s Thinkings (M/M, Bi)
87. Christa Tomlinson (M/M) 88. Alexa Milne (M/M)
89. IndiGo Marketing & Design (DES) 90. Eva LeNoir (M/M)
91. A.V. Sanders (M/M) 92. B. Snow (MULTI)
93. Alexis Duran (M/M) 94. Dean Pace-Frech (M/M)
95. Lily G. Blunt (M/M, REV) 96. Joelle Casteel (MULTI)
97. Sage Marlowe (Gay) 98. Author Susan Mac Nicol (MM)
99. Sloan Johnson (M/M, BI) 100. Cody Kennedy (GAY)
101. Lea Bronsen (MULTI) 102. Brina Brady (M/M)
103. WindWhisperer (Erotica Whispers) (F/F) 104. Bey Deckard (M/M, BI)
105. Andrew Jericho (Gay) 106. NSBeranek (Gay)
107. Freddy MacKay (MM, BI, Queer Fic) 108. Mischief Corner Books (PUB)
109. Angel Martinez (Gay/Bi) 110. Catherine Dair Cover Designers (DES)
111. Toni Griffin (M/M) 112. Carly’s Book Reviews (M/M, TR, BI, MULTI, REV)
113. Rory Ni Coileain (M/M) 114. M.LeAnne Phoenix (M/M)
115. Lucy Felthouse (Multi) 116. Bottom Drawer Publications (PUB)
117. Tempeste O’Riley (M/M, BI, Genderfluid, TR)

15 thoughts on “Love the #rainbow with the #HAHABT blog hop – enter here, stay tolerant for good!

  1. Thanks so much for participating. I really appreciate it. And so does my daughter.
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  2. Love is so beautiful and everybody should be able to express their love no matter who they love. It is so sad that there is still so much discrimination. That’s why it is so important to keep spreading the word. Thanks for this post.

  3. Thanks for participating in the blog hop. Congrats on the new release, enjoyed the excerpt.

  4. It’s such an important and enlightening event each year–thanks so much for participating!


  5. I enjoyed the post and the excerpt thank you for the great giveaway.

  6. Congrats on your upcoming book release! Thank you for the excerpt and for taking part in the hop!

    humhumbum AT yahoo DOT com

  7. hey everyone. Random. org picked lucky number 11. Woot! It looks like Lee Todd is the winner. Lee, I’ll contact you shortly via your email. Thanks everyone for visiting and taking part in the hop !

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