#MasturbationMonday geek shower scene #erotic excerpt


Ha! I knew I could never be out of masturbating characters for too long.  It just so happens I have a new M/M release on Memorial Day with just such a scene. This story involves a gay homeless teen and an ex-army officer who saves him from a violent attack. In this scene, Kyle is masturbating in the shower to the image of his rescuer.

* * *

As Kyle stepped into the shower, he hoped his meager talents proved enough to impress the guy. He soaped up, determined to scrub every square inch until he smelled fucking lickable, or at least really clean, just in case Derek wanted a piece of him. But as his hand slid over the hard flesh between his thighs, the image he’d been daydreaming about earlier flooded back.

He groaned and closed his eyes, picturing himself tied up on the bed with coaxial cables as Derek pounded his ass over and  over with his meaty cock. A shaky moan escaped his lips as his fingers caressed the sensitive bundle of nerves behind his head.

He’d licked Derek’s pre-cum earlier, and it had tasted like honey. He wanted more of that flavor, wanted to feast on it, for longer than one night. With a few more quick jerks of his hand, he finished himself off with a sharp grunt and stood there with his head resting against the shower wall until the water ran cold. “I don’t want to live on the streets,” he muttered, shivering. “I have to prove myself worthy somehow.”

All he wanted was a safe place to call home, even if it was only for a little while. It sure didn’t hurt if the landlord was a hot, well-hung, ex-military, sex god. Seconds later, his cock hardened again. “Christ. I’d better get back to work.” Shutting off the spray, he prayed for a miracle, though God had never seen fit to grant him one before. That was for damn sure.

* * *

This story will be out shortly from MLR Press.

Happy Masturbation Monday!



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