Sexy to Go volume 4 Excerpt: @Daisybanks16 brings the #scifi #erotica #99cents



I’m a sucker for sci-fi. In fact, I’m such a big science fiction fan that I’m considering making it my go-to genre. We’ll see. I have plenty of time to decide, right?

For now, I’m loving the SFR I’m reading. I feel fortunate to have Daisy Banks in the Sexy to Go group bringing the alien sexyness! Here’s an excerpt:

Excerpt: Rewriting the Law (part 2)

By Daisy Banks

Elana wiped her finger against her sweaty upper lip and peered into his eyes. She studied the attractive wide planes of his features and searched for what she hoped might be some further explanation in his expression. No answers met her, and with a tormented mewl, unable to stop, for the compulsion for more of his touch proved unbearable, she hooked her thigh around his. His smile widened as she settled her anguished pussy against his broad thigh muscle and pressed hard.

“There, that’s right,” he said, his lips forming a kissable line. “Yes, you need pleasuring.” He caressed down her back with his large hands while he made soft sounds of encouragement. “You’re almost ready, just wait a little more and I’ll cure your pains.”

Delighted by his words, yet shamed by the unnatural level of her need, she couldn’t keep still. Whimpering, she pushed against his thigh in an effort to soothe her agitated burning clitoris.

The water she’d drunk made her feel like this? Impossible. Surely, he must be lying.

She tried her best to ignore his arousing, spicy aroma in the air, and the fact she stood only in her boots with her thighs stretched so wide.

Being naked in her skin was nothing to fear. While a cadet she’d undergone many endurance tests, and faced worse since, but when he cupped her buttocks and took control setting her hips to move in a rotating rhythm, her temperature shot up and the tingles between her thighs grew hotter still. An agony of need made her roll her hips at his urging until her polished clitoris responded in belly churning throbs.

The insistent ache of her nipples forced her rub her breasts against his chest. Her craving for more of him rose to an insistent demand.

Analysis of her body found the warmth of his hands needed. When he stroked over her more firmly, the sensation was necessary, like a medication for an illness. Her flesh ached for his, she required him to give her something, but she wasn’t quite sure what.

Through the tangled strand of her desire understanding of what she wanted came. Her recollection of training manuals in cadet learning bought comprehension and wedge of cold fear to cool her ravenous pussy.

She had no right to mate. The official protocol to do so had never been presented to her. If this male mated her, Toldek alone knew what might happen when she returned to Melan. A fresh thought flashed into the confusion. Damn it all, she didn’t care what happened on Melan. If she must face an inquiry on her return it didn’t matter. Nothing else mattered if this Jagan would give her what she longed for.

He could satisfy her passion—that was what she needed. She shook her head unable to aaccept her body demanded his take possession of it.

But he must. He had to mate her. The only cure would come from him. She must have him.

Oh, great god Toldek let it be now.




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