Sneak peek at cover for Sexy to Go Volume 4 #bundle

Wow. April was a crazy ass month. The stars must have been aligned in a wonky fashion because things really got out of hand! They won’t get any better in May either. I have 3 new releases counting Sexy to Go Volume 5. But right now, I want to show you the cover for Sexy to Go Volume 4.

Please, no drooling! 🙂



He’s certainly moist isn’t he? Well you know the old saying. April showers bring May flowers. In our case, they bring sexy men too!

And to get your juices flowing, here’s an excerpt from Due Diligence Part 2 by Sorcha Mowbray:

Sorcha teaser vol 4He pushed up off the wall and strolled to where she stood. Prickles of heat sizzled across her exposed skin as he drew near her, crowded her as he circled around.

“Show me those pretty tits, again.”

Her lungs fought to drag in fresh oxygen. Every submissive cell in her body clamored to get closer to the lodestone that now commanded her full attention. The demand in his words, the command in his tone, and the confidence in his body stirred her lust. Resistance a moot point, she reached up and unhooked her bra in back as she tucked her work-self back into the box she once used to store it. “Yes, Sir.”

Behind her, the rush of air sharply sucked in confirmed how much he liked hearing the words. The muffled sound of steps on carpet warned of his movement as he prowled around her to the front. His pleased countenance came into view, not exactly a smiling face, but still a display of his utter pleasure at her submission. “Have you ever presented?”

“Yes, sir.” And she assumed the position, her muscle memory a bit rusty, but eager nonetheless. Executing a hinge until her knees touched the plush fibers of the carpet; she sank until her ass lowered to her heels. Thighs burning from the exercise, she spread them nice and wide and then placed her hands on her thighs to rest palms up.

Now he smiled. “Very nicely done, pet. Thrust those lovely breasts more forward for me.”

She easily complied.

“Excellent.” He stood in front of her, his groin perfectly positioned at eye level. Then, he unzipped his slacks and pulled his cock out. “You’ve had me hard as a light post all day. It’s time you did something about that.” He nudged her lips with the swollen tip of his dick. Hungry for the taste of him, the feel of him in her mouth, she snaked her tongue out to brush his silken flesh. Hands still on her thighs she opened up and licked over more of the crown. He pushed his hips forward and sank into her mouth as she opened wide. While not overly long, his thick cock caused her jaw to stretch nice and wide to allow him deeper as his sac got closer. Finally he hit the back of her throat and triggered her gag reflex. She swallowed convulsively and he slipped past the narrower opening of her throat which pushed his balls against her chin. “Fuck,” he groaned the word as his hand fisted in her long hair.

No need to speak, she simply pulled back off his length until just the head sat between her lips. Inhaling a nice deep breath she reversed directions and engulfed him again. Together they found an easy rhythm designed to maximize his pleasure while allowing her to breathe. Occasionally. With each thrust, her pussy grew wetter and more engorged. She ached to take him deep inside where he could bring her the orgasm she so desperately needed.

“That’s it. Suck it good, pet.” He pumped, speeding up the pace.

Lost in the bliss of sucking him off she forgot her training, the rules she’d once known better than the basic principles of accounting, and her hands drifted up to his thighs. He stopped all motion while he lodged deep in her throat.

He tapped her cheek gently with his fingers. “Hands behind your back. Grab a wrist in each hand.”

She did as he directed immediately, grateful when he withdrew from her throat and air rushed in. As she gripped her own wrists he returned to their pattern and plunged into her mouth over and over again. Her brain shut down, no longer poking at all the ideas it contained. As he fucked her mouth, spit dripped down her chin, and her eyes watered, but a sense of peace settled over her. She had no control over this. No need to decide when or if this would end. No need to decide how it would conclude. All she had to do was suck him off.

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