Look what’s coming soon #MM #gay romance from @torquere #GLBT



Coming May 13th from Torquere Books! http://www.torquerebooks.com/

Even more exciting – Two of my Sexy to Go co-authors are in this volume – Shiloh Saddler and Leigh Ellwood. Woot!

My story is about Hercules and Sisyphus. The man who completed the 12 labors and the guy pushing the rock for all eternity. When they meet, they have insta-attraction, but it’s a struggle for them to hold it together. Sisyphus is more than a little determined to get that darn rock up the hill for good. Hercules was sent to stop him. Who’s gonna win?

Both, we hope, but that’s not always the way it works. Especially with this big powerful guy named Zeus hanging around. Man, the guy’s a real kill joy!

So be sure to check out the anthology May 13th. Can’t wait to read it myself!



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