April showers bring #sexy flowers with Sexy to Go Volume 3


Isn’t the bunny cute?

We’ve got some Sexy to Go snippets for you today. Just giving you a taste of what you’re missing! There are two shower scenes and one very unusual alien sexual encounter…. I’d say there was some degree of wetness in all 3. Heh.

Water Games by Tara Quan

“How was your nap?” He swirled his tongue behind her ear.

Her vision blurred, regaining clarity after several blinks. “I woke up alone.”

His teeth scraped, the pain matching the stretching sting at her core as he crowded her. Less than an inch separated her chest from his lower ribs. “I had a business meeting, and you needed rest.” His knuckle abraded her as he pushed, the delicious friction making her toes curl over the coarse slate floor. “You’ll get very little sleep tonight.”

He caught her waist as her knees gave. Falling forward, she pressed her nose over his bicep. “We should talk.”

“I have more entertaining activities in mind.” He buried his finger to the hilt before withdrawing his hand. When he tightened the arm he’d looped around her, the momentum snapped her neck straight. As she met his gaze, he lifted a glistening finger to her lips. “Open your mouth.”

She hesitated.

He lowered his other hand to her bottom and squeezed. The pinch elicited a gasp, allowing him to shove his way past her teeth. “Don’t worry. You’re far more delicious than me.”

Her cheeks blazed at the reminder of how she’d tasted him on the dock. The memory’s pleasure waned as concern reared its ugly head. At the rate their physical relationship progressed, the outcome of this night was a forgone conclusion. Even his patience had limits.

Once they crossed the line in the sand, how much of herself could she squirrel away? When he pushed for more, how far would she go? “I need to think.”

“Do it later.” He brought his fingertips to his own lips and licked them clean.

Cherry Stem by Sotia Lazu

“Pull your hair up.”

I twirled my red tresses into one thick curl and tucked it at the side of my neck.

It wasn’t enough. “Hold it up with both hands, and don’t let go.” His voice brooked no argument, and I was more than excited with his take-control attitude.

I did what he asked, managing to tremble only slightly when his big, strong hands closed over my shoulders and massaged the lather onto my skin. His thumbs pressed against the back of my neck, his fingers rhythmically digging into the muscle, releasing knots I hadn’t known were there.

Moaning my approval, I let my head fall forward. His hands went to my shoulder blades, spreading the foam there before moving on to my back. He followed the line of my spine, his palms and knuckles taking turns in working my flesh. I could barely keep my footing as he slowly stroked his way down to my ass before kneeling behind me.

He ran a finger between my ass cheeks and chuckled when I reflexively clenched. He pressed a finger lightly against my asshole. “Don’t worry. I’m not going here—today.”

I wanted to come up with some smart retort, but he began massaging my inner thighs. His thumbs almost touched my pussy. I jerked back toward him, trying to rub against them. I craved his touch just a bit higher…just a bit…

Argh! He moved on to the backs of my knees, which nearly buckled, and then to my calves. I was wet, and not just from the shower. His touch was setting my skin on fire, and I squeezed my thighs together, trying to create some friction, to ease my need. It wasn’t enough. It felt like nothing but Alex would be enough ever again.

Just when I was sure I couldn’t take more teasing, he stood and ordered me to face him. His voice sounded husky and strained. Thinking I would finally get what I wanted, I complied eagerly.

Alex had something else in mind.

Rewriting the Law by Daisy Banks

“There must be someone—” She gave another little moan. “Interstellar contact.”

Despite her words, her aroma and her lips proved too much temptation. He’d kiss her deeply and begin the preliminaries of the ancient mating ritual. Those actions were bound to quiet her and push her consciousness to other things. He silenced her busy mouth with his lips and reveled in the soft smoothness of hers.

A surge of his fragrance rolled from him to entice her and further ready her for this, their vital first mating. He had to mate her fully to make her his and he’d much to do yet to prepare her for all of him.

He delighted in the way she clamped her sweet pouting mouth tight shut on initial contact as if she had no idea what to do. But after her first breath of his scent she opened her lips, widened them further with a groan, and accepted his stiff probing tongue. Just as she’d opened her mouth to accept his tongue, finally when he’d readied her enough, she’d open up her pretty pussy and accept the full length of his cock.


His breathing rate hiked up a notch in response to the tenderness of her body as she pushed her nude torso against him. By Kobis’ balls he’d never enjoyed anything as much as her little pleasured sounds when she brushed her breasts against his shirt and wrapped her arms around him. The whimpers she made while he rubbed her rounded rear under his palms thrilled through him.

The aroma she exuded was oh, so sweet, and fired his urgency. He tilted her a little on his arm, so he could stroke his fingers between her thighs to explore her pussy.

She quivered in his embrace when he spread her inner leaves and after a few brief muffled sounds she breathed into his mouth, followed by sudden stillness, she pressed firm against his fingers. Small growls sounded from her as she worked her mouth with his and returned his deepest kisses, offering him gulps of encouragement. He slid his fingers around her succulent female opening. Shuddering, she moved her hips in time to his pace.

A fresh thrill shot through him, for the book stated that in the most potent and successful mating the female showed their enjoyment from the first contact. No one could imagine she wasn’t enjoying his attentions, and though her responses were rather primitive, she was wet enough to be bordering on cock ready.

He spent a long time instructing her mouth in its duties while he stroked and rubbed her heated flesh. She quivered, whimpered soft sounds, and secreted her nectar on his palm.

Her trembles grew stronger with her rhythmic gasps, and he tightened his embrace about her, penetrated her mouth with his tongue until she gave low grunts of pleasure. She sucked on his lips as he stroked her clit to take her deeper into the ritual. Knowing he’d begun her hot flame, he moved his palm away and smiled at her moan.


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