Elysium: A widow can’t hide from her pain in her date’s virtual reality – New @decadentpub #1NS by @thealanden #SFR




Finding the Sci-Fi That’s Right for You

One of the things I like about online book retailers and sites such as Goodreads is the ease with which readers can find exactly what they want to read. Not only can you sort by genre, but you can specify your preferred pairing, your setting, the age/race/body type/profession/etc. of one or more of the characters, and so on. In a world of endless possibilities, there really is something for everyone.


Gone are the days where the generic “fantasy/sci-fi” label just gets slapped on a ton of books. (As an aside, if you really want to see a group of readers and writers get all riled up, ask them what the difference is between fantasy and sci-fi. It’s good for at least a couple hours’ worth of entertainment.) There are tons of sub-genres that fall under the sci-fi umbrella alone. Time travel. Space travel (with or without aliens). Steampunk. Cyberpunk. Robots (or androids or cyborgs or…). I could go on for pages.


While I was writing Elysium, I knew I’d eventually have to decide on the best way to market the book. The story takes place on Earth in a time period that looks awfully similar to the present, but the use of virtual reality prevents it from being straight “contemporary”. Because of those similarities, I’m hesitant to even stick the “futuristic” tag on it. But due to the presence of advanced VR technology that doesn’t exist in our world just yet, it would feel dishonest to claim it’s not sci-fi.


I’m not too concerned. Thanks to the aforementioned ability to categorize books so readers can find precisely what they’re looking for, I think Elysium can find a home on plenty of shelves. First and foremost, Elysium is a love story, and a tale about moving beyond a painful past. I like to think the virtual reality aspect adds a unique twist to the plot and puts the characters into situations that won’t be found in a straightforward contemporary romance, but really, it’s the emotional connection between the characters that makes this one of my favorite publications. If you’re a fan of that flavor of sci-fi (or even if you haven’t ventured into this particular genre before), I do hope you’ll give Elysium a try!

Elysium (1Night Stand), by Thea LandenElysium3_1300x2000


Two years have passed since April Patterson’s husband was shot and killed in the line of duty, and she’s trapped in a haze of grief and uncertainty. Having grown frustrated by all other efforts to engage her in activities where she could meet new people, her cousin pays for a date via 1Night Stand. Not thrilled with the idea, April nevertheless contacts Madame Eve and requests the impossible: a date with her deceased husband.


Brilliant software engineer Drew Monroe created his company, Elysium, to help give closure to those who have suffered the loss of a loved one, through the use of virtual reality. Though passionate about his work, being constantly surrounded by heartache and death has taken a toll on his mental health. When he accepts the case of a young widow referred to him by Madame Eve, her tragic tale depresses him further, but he commits himself to programming April the romantic date she desires.


April arrives at Elysium and prepares to enter Drew’s virtual realm. Will she find the solace she seeks within? Or will she discover she doesn’t need a fantasy world to discover happiness again?



I licked a path down his neck, dragging my teeth across his skin. Downy hair sprinkled across his chest and I ran my fingers through the golden tufts. Firm planes and sinewy muscle defined his lean physique. Determination inspired me to examine every inch, every angle.


Roaming both hands over his sides, I peppered his pecs with feathery kisses. He was like a museum exhibit, a piece of fine artwork, and I played the curious spectator to study him in detail and show appreciation. My tongue darted out to flick across his nipple and he sucked in a sharp breath.


I teased the flat disc a little more before continuing onward. Working down his body, I flung the blankets back to grant uninhibited access. Skimming my breasts over him, I marked a trail down the center of his torso. With both my fingers and lips, I traced every contour of delicious definition in his abs.


Drew stirred beneath me and a low groan rumbled in his chest. Lower and lower I ventured, arriving at the ultimate destination at long last. His thick, engorged cock begged for attention. I hadn’t done this in quite some time, but only one way to get back in action, right?


I started at the base and used the tip of my tongue to paint a line along his entire length. He groaned again, louder than before. I laved the bulbous head with broad strokes, swirling in wide spirals. His fingers knotted the sheets and his lashes fluttered.


I paused in the ministrations. He was ready for me, yet I wanted to see his hunger. Not only did I need to know how badly he craved that intimate touch, how much he coveted me, but I sought satisfaction for more personal wishes, reassurance that I was desirable.


He opened his eyes when I whispered his name. Sweeping my hair over one shoulder, I turned back to his bulging cock. He watched me ease the tip into my mouth and a gasp left his parted lips. With our gazes locked together, I took more and more of him inside.



Buy Links:

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Elysium-1Night-Stand-Thea-Landen-ebook/dp/B00TUEN5Y0/

Kobo: https://store.kobobooks.com/en-US/ebook/elysium-12

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/elysium/id969322687?ls=1&mt=11

Google Play:


Barnes & Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/elysium-thea-landen/1121330927

All Romance: https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-elysium-1758271-149.html

Decadent Publishing: http://www.decadentpublishing.com/product_info.php?products_id=1066&osCsid=ncb3r4hgjkdgqgp038qe9urs30


Author Thea Landen

Author Bio:

Thea Landen lives in New York with her husband and a variety of houseplants. A former educator, she strives to encourage creativity and passion in all those around her, and uses writing to help inspire. Though she reads and writes in nearly all genres, she has a special fondness for science fiction, fantasy, and adventure and anything that pushes the imagination beyond its usual limits. When she’s not writing, or thinking about writing, her hands and mind are occupied by either yarn crafts or role-playing games.


Contact Details:

Email: thealanden@gmail.com

Website: www.thealanden.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/thealanden

Twitter: www.twitter.com/TheaLanden

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5782229.Thea_Landen

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B00948YAXW




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