#MasturbationMonday Sexy to Go excerpt from An Arresting Development by @leighellwood #gay #erotica


I just love this story! Shy, geeky guy with no life gets set up with a cop and it’s the cop who’s got another thing coming… These seems like two boys that like to play and they come off as very friendly IMO!

Who knew a party game of guess which is the lie and which is true could lead to this?

* * * * *

An Arresting Development by Leigh Ellwood

Shy, geeky Wynton’s idea of a good time is a marathon role playing game. After meeting Mitch, he’s tempted to put away his seven-sided dice and play something different.


“Wyn, I told you on the phone I was clearly out of line the other night. I’m sorry. I had a few beers, and I was an ass. Whoa, buddy. Have you been drinking?” His body tensed in Wyn’s grip. The man couldn’t deny his arousal—Wyn felt it harden under the polyester, and he stroked Mitch’s crotch while loosening the belt with his free hand.

He shook his head. “Unless you count soda, and I am a bit jittery. Have you forgotten those questions you planned to ask?”

Mitch smiled. “Questions?”

Good boy. “If I undo this, will your utility belt fall to the ground? Do you call it that, like Batman?” He tugged at Mitch’s fly. “Maybe I don’t need to take it all off.”

“Diane said you were something else.”

“I’d like to know what she told you about me. She has a tendency to oversell. Did she send you here? I’m sure I’ll have to live up to whatever.”

“She likes you, says you’re a nice guy,” Mitch said. “Knew I was interested in meeting a nice guy, but this…doesn’t fit her description.”

“I am forward this evening, huh? I just lost a hundred-dollar credit to the store by being ousted from the tournament.”

“That sucks. Can you buy a lot of stuff here with that?” Mitch eyed the box of figurines as though working out the math in his head.

“Depends on what you’re into. What are you into, Officer?” Wyn laughed.

“Wyn…” It came out more as a plea, which pleased him.

“I want your cock in my mouth. You want me to suck your cock. Two truths?”

Mitch held his gaze for a second, smoldering and sexy. He nodded. “No lie.”

Sinking to his knees, he pressed his face against Mitch’s groin for a moment and inhaled a heady blend of laundry soap and sex. He lowered the zipper to reveal a flash of white, then fished out Mitch’s cock. Long, hard, beautiful. Wyn eyeballed him at about seven inches, thick and flushed dark as Mitch’s heart pumped.

“Is blowing a cop in a retail storeroom a misdemeanor?” He looked up but Mitch focused on the overhead light, letting out shallow breaths. “I’d hate having to explain this in court.”

“I’ll make a case for being a cock tease. I might not word it that way on the ticket, mind you,” Mitch warned. He pressed against the shelf and grasped the wire racks for support. It couldn’t have been a comfortable position, but Mitch looked ready to explode.

Wyn dragged his tongue up one side of Mitch’s cock, then tapped against the ridge of the mushroom head before swiping away a drop of precum. He spread the salty discharge along the roof of his mouth before taking Mitch whole, claiming him with a slow pace he hoped drove the man wild. On the first upstroke his lips pulled against the velvet skin, feeling every pulse and twitch, but when he slammed quickly down Mitch responded with more enthusiasm. He continued the rhythm while feeling for Mitch’s balls, still trapped in the tight briefs. Finally he managed to slip his fingers underneath one leg hole to better caress him.

Fingers slid over his scalp and curled into his hair. Mitch held him in place, and Wyn realized the man’s strength. He pumped faster, up and down on Mitch’s cock, taking more length with each pass. Yeah, he’d enjoy the reactions of his friends when he dared them to guess whether or not he’d actually sucked off a man of the law…if he chose to talk at all after this. He loved the taste of Mitch, his thickness. He wanted this in his ass as well. What law could he break to make that happen?

“Ah, fuck.”

Wyn lost count of how many times Mitch groaned those words. Between the “ah fucks” and “oh yeahs” his partner offered little in the way of verbal cues. His hips, on the other hand, provided plenty of guidance. Mitch shifted and thrust gently to help Wyn along, and his grip on Wyn’s head relaxed when the sucking increased. Mitch’s balls tightened; Wyn guessed he was close, and prepared to swallow.

Instead of taking in a warm gush of cum, Wyn gulped in air when Mitch roughly pushed him away. Mitch’s cock bobbed free, wet and purpled as Mitch grabbed it. He then reached behind him—cuffs, pepper spray? No, a wallet.

Specifically, a condom.

Mitch held it between two fingers. A little more to his left and he’d have looked like a blond Nick Fury. “I want to fuck you hard against that shelf. You want my cock inside you. Two truths?” An eyebrow arched.

He gasped for air and showed his teeth in a wide smile. “No lie.”

“Pants. Off.” Mitch ripped one edge of the foil packet and rolled the rubber down his prick. A sharp crook of his neck directed Wyn to follow orders and assume the position.


* * *

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