#MasturbationMonday Sexy to Go excerpt from Skin by @leighellwood #scifi #erotica


This story rings a lot of bells for me. It’s got a Star Trek type theme, with a sensual, BDSM overtone. I think you’ll like it! The story is called, Skin and it’s about a woman who gets punished on an alien planet while wearing a skin-like suit that accentuates every touch….

* * * * *

Skin by Leigh Ellwood

Skin – One needs a tough skin to endure an unpleasant situation. When Lt. Andromeda Kurn is sentenced for damaging property during a shore leave, the skin suit she must wear enhances the pleasure of her punishment.



“Your sentence is ten, with the paddle,” he told her. “You will mark each one aloud, and bear in mind everybody is paying attention and will know if you’ve miscounted.”

“Yes, Captain.” Her thighs quivered, and no doubt she soaked the crotch of this skin. Captain Luther disappeared around her again and her heart leaped, anticipating the first blow. Would it hurt? How would the skin project the sensation through her?

She sensed the Captain’s practice swing before he aimed. The short burst of air cooled her heated backside, and when the first spank landed on her buttocks she barely got out the “One!” The force of the swing set the skin on fire and took her close to the edge. Agonizing seconds passed before the second blow. “Two!” she called out on a moan. The Captain hadn’t touched her pussy, but it squeezed and tingled all the same.

Soon the spanks came in quicker succession. Three, four, and five caused her nipples to harden to the point she thought they’d never soften again. She closed her eyes and clenched her teeth, imagining the Captain’s mouth pursed over one, without the skin.

“Six!” she cried at the next spank. The whole skin absorbed that one and centered the vibration in her clit. The first hint of orgasm sparked, and she let out a soft mewl.

Captain Luther moved close to her ear, the paddle at his side. The Carsans murmured from their dais but didn’t call the pause into question. Drommie side-eyed the trio, watching their faces cloud with suspicion.

“You want to come, don’t you, Drommie?” he whispered, his words rough and warm.

She nodded. “Not yet,” he warned. “Wait until ten. You’re doing splendid.”

Drommie let out a breath when he moved away. His voice held authority in everything—command of a ship, control of her desires. She actually calmed a bit, though her body ached for release. The skin affixed to her like a permanent layer, retaining the heat of his discipline.

She fought to count out the next three swats, which the Captain delivered with some force. Seven through nine stung her buttocks and taunted her, daring her to wail out her climax.

“One more to go, Lieutenant. Very good.” He kept his voice curt and steady, quite professional. Drommie couldn’t believe how it turned her on. All the same, she wanted this finished.

She steeled herself for ten, and when it came so did she. She drew out the word in one long syllable and rode the orgasmic wave from the suspended bar. Her feet flailed for balance and she twisted in the skin that projected the ecstatic feeling over her every nerve. The Carsans called this punishment? She could understand that—one more blow might have left her dying of bliss.

Drommie heard something clatter to the ground, and arms encircled her waist and scooped her up. She had no time to register bare hands on the skin as Captain Luther bellowed, “Allegiant, transport immediately to my quarters, now!” Drommie heard angry Carsan voices behind her, but only for a few seconds as her body dissolved with the Captain’s into the ship’s transport beam. After that, everything went black.


* * *

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Happy Masturbation Monday!

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