Book blast for Love is a Mess #GLBT boxed set!

10968233_409161602585862_1655730097_nLove is a Mess anthology is a great collection of GLBTQ stories based on Valentine’s Day. Truly, the holiday has never seen such trouble!

My story is called Property of Cupid and it’s a gay romance between a Greek god and a human. Let’s just say it has its difficulties. But of course, early on, it’s all about the sexy dancing!

Property of Cupid – Excerpt:

Jeremy closed his eyes against the bright lights and steeled his nerves against the relentless bass filling the room. He never got out on the dance floor much, preferring the relative quiet of the bar where he could drool over the hot guys who never paid him any attention. Until tonight.

The man relentlessly rubbing his erection against his ass had to be the sexiest top he’d ever seen. Never mind that he was dressed in some weird costume a day early – Valentine’s Day wasn’t until tomorrow – or that he might be trying to get Jeremy drunk, the man had every pair of eyes locked on him the instant he walked into the bar and right now he was dancing with him. Alone.

He didn’t protest when the man slid his jacket down his arms and tossed it aside. The booze was working its magic and relaxing him, probably what the guy intended. He felt warm and lush, surrounded by a room full of sexed-up guys aching to come. The sting of testosterone filled his nose, making him dizzy. He let the guy’s hands roam down his body, reach under his waistband and tug his shirt up. In seconds it was over his head, tossed into the corner on the floor by his jacket. Flush with the excitement of being wanted, Jeremy reached behind him, grabbed the guy’s tight hard ass and rocked his hips, encouraging the hard-on behind him to swell further. A hiss sounded in his ear and he savored the heat of the man’s breath. Lord, this felt good.

“Fuck, you’re beautiful,” the man behind him groaned. “I can’t believe nobody has shown you how hot you really are.”

His cock leaked, his entire body flushed warm by the words. Nobody had ever called him beautiful before. Nobody had even bothered to notice him.

Love is a mess cover


I’m holding a giveaway of Love is a Mess on my blog and this story will also be featured in the Love is Love Blog Hop Amazon Kindle giveaway as one of the books the winner will receive.

Find entries for both items here: (Link goes live 2-9).

In addition, thanks to the following blogs for hosting the Love is a Mess book blast today. You rock!


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