Will Alex accept this dance with Phin? a #GLBT #valentinesday story by @amyunchained

Love is a mess coverLove Is a Mess: Guest Post

By A. M. Leibowitz

My story, Private Dance, is a sequel to my first novel, Lower Education. Since I like happy endings, it’s not really a spoiler for those who haven’t read the book to know that Phin and Alex have at least gotten their happy-for-now.

These are mature guys (in their 30s) who have had complex lives, and they’re still working out how that fits together and what it should look like for them. Culturally, there’s an expectation that partners will be monogamous. Knowing my characters, I was pretty sure (in the canon in my head) that neither of them is wired that way. But to show the intricacies of such a relationship was a bit more than one story could hold.

Instead, I opted to let a little of Alex’s insecurity show. He doesn’t always process things well and isn’t clear with Phin about what he needs in order to feel at ease. Phin’s at home with himself and his sexuality, but he’s not always good about making Alex feel cared for. That, rather than the moral and ethical considerations of non-monogamy, was what I wanted to explore.

I don’t deal in heavy angst, so I used humor, fun, and sensuality to delve into this aspect of their relationship. Phin and Alex will always have a special place in my heart, and I enjoyed writing a bit more of their story.


With Alex’s sexy boyfriend, Phin, gone for three weeks, there’s only one option: let his best friend’s kids lead him on a treasure hunt through town to find his Valentine’s gift waiting for him to unwrap.

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Author bio:

M. Leibowitz is a spouse, parent, feminist, and book-lover falling somewhere on the Geek-Nerd Spectrum. She keeps warm through the long, cold western New York winters by writing romantic plot twists and happy-for-now endings. In between noveling and editing, she blogs coffee-fueled, quirky commentary on faith, culture, writing, and her family.


Find me on the Internet:


Web site: http://amleibowitz.com

Amazon author page: A. M. Leibowitz

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/amymitchell29 (personal profile); https://www.facebook.com/UnchainedFaith (author page)

Twitter: @amyunchained

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/AMLeibowitz


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