2015 #newyears Blog Hop – my big 10 #resolutions? #Giveaways

Blog Hop

Bye-bye 2014. You had your moments. Your highlights. I really enjoyed all those hikes for sure! But you also had your suckage. Admit it, the bit where mom’s lung collapsed stank! But all in all, it’s just time to say ta-ta and ring in 2015.


What are my resolutions for 2015? Well after pubbing 16 works in 2014, I’m thinking of doing a less-stress year if I possibly can. I’m also going to start some additional businesses. (Say what? you’re thinking. Less stress?) I know. Well, here are my resolutions:

1. Eat less meat. I would be happiest eating no meat, but to keep hubby happy I’ll do 1x a week.

2. Drink less. Maybe only 1x a week. Gotta keep trim and those extra calories aren’t helping!

3. Start offering veg entrees to go at the local stores. I have Greek entrees in mind. Right now I just need a commercial kitchen!

4. Publish a boxed set 1x a month. Short reads from myself and other authors. Erotic. Romance. Hot and steamy. I’m talking $0.99 each. Woot!

????????5. Publish a menage boxed set with other authors. I already have some signed up for this and they are GREAT writers. This will be so awesome!


??????????6. Publish a Naughty Santa boxed set. Yep, what’s Christmas without a naughty Santa coming down your chimney? Ho Ho Ho!

7. Start a F/F website.l I see a lot of potential in F/F stories and I know a lot of great writers who work that genre. They deserve a special place of their own. My lesbian friends would all agree!

8. Start a review site for books that need more Amazon and Goodreads etc. reviews done. Getting them is so HARD it has to be easier. Go me!

9. Do more yoga. I should sign up for a class a week. It helps me center myself almost as much as hiking. It’s powerful stuff.

10. More meditation. Yeah, I suck at it, but who doesn’t?

Wow that’s quite a list. Keeping in mind I also have aging parents and a ton of stories to edit on my hard drive, I’m going to be a VERY busy girl in 2015.

What about you? What’s your New Year’s resolution? Comment below and I’ll enter you to win my giveaway – a copy of Double the Fantasy:

Double the Fantasy smaller

Ted’s quiet Monday night at the movies turns erotic when he’s seduced by a lesbian couple who make his ultimate fantasy of having two women at once come true. When they call him a few weeks later, he’s stunned to find out the duo staged the entire event and one of them is pregnant. But that’s not all. Their gorgeous female friend is offering him special compensation for his services, if he’s willing to pay her price.

Only when he discovers Charleen harbors a secret fantasy even hotter than two women together is he ready to drop his guard and provide for her every kinky need even if it will cost him his heart. Then at his wedding reception, the women drop another bombshell, and give Ted one more night of double fantasy he’ll never forget.


And while you’re hopping – stop by and visit the other authors’ sites!


Thanks for stopping by, and have a happy 2015!



15 thoughts on “2015 #newyears Blog Hop – my big 10 #resolutions? #Giveaways

  1. I don’t do resolutions because they seem to fail early on in the year. Instead, I focus on taking baby-steps toward my goals, like writing at minimum of 500 words a day to keep my stories going even when I’m dog-tired or sick. Good luck and Happy New Year, Eva. 🙂

  2. I am doing the same resolution I’ve had for the last 3 years (I completed them) it is for every 10 romance books I read, i read a classic.
    So far I have read the works of Jack London, Hemmingway and Daphne duMaurier. This year i am going to concentrate on some of the more recent authors-like Jack Keourac

  3. Joy you were the first commentor that wasn’t another author from the hop so I’m going to contact you about the prize! Thanks everyone for visiting and hope you had a good time! 🙂

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