2014 year in review – a look back at my crazy #publishing roundup

Wowsa. 2014 was a LOT of work. It didn’t feel that way at the time, except when I was pulling my hair out, but holy crap I pubbed a ton of stories. In case you missed it, there was:

January 2014TheTroubleWithMemories300
Lover Enslaved: 24 Hours in MumbaiLoverEnslaved300
The Trouble With Memories – Martian Mating, Book I



February 2014

Download-My-Love300x450Download My LoveSex_Ties_Videotapes_Final
Sex, Ties and Videotape – Book I, Love Hurts




March 2014
Breaching Luetenint 3.5.4-2Breaching the LieutenantPerfect-Ride300x450
Perfect Ride – with Shiloh Saddler, Book I, Ridden Hard



April 2014
RekindlingtheFlameRekindling the Flame




May 2014
Kink Club Blues Final Front Cover 5 6 2014 Cropped smallerKink Club Blues – Book II, Love Hurts




June 2014
Darkest Flowers Final Front Cover 6 1 2014 Version 2Darkest Flowers




July 2014
DarkestMagic_300x450Darkest Magicsci spanks cover
Sci Spanks – anthology
Seducing KaynSeducing Kayn OTHER SITES

September 2014

Dom_of_DestructionDom of Destruction – Book III, Love Hurts




November 2014
Follow My Lead Other SitesFollow My LeadDouble the Fantasy smaller
Double the Fantasy
Hot Holiday Treats – anthology






Total tally: 16 works. That’s over 1 per month and there weren’t many months where I had zip. December is a zip tho. A girl needs to rest some time!

See you in 2015!



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