#masturbationmonday Naughty Santa drops in with his peppermint candy cane!

Okay. It’s nearly Christmas and it’s been a helluva depressing one thus far. So, if you’re having the same year as me, how about a little something to cheer us up? A naughty Santa? You know you want one under your tree!

Naughty Santa short story


Lori stood in front of her apartment’s small Christmas tree savoring the glow of lights. She’d always enjoyed this time of year, until Oliver’s death. The past five years, whenever the holiday came around a piece of her heart always hung back, unable to fully enjoy the festivities without a loving man by her side.
Since Oliver’s accident, she hadn’t been with anyone else, not even dated. But she missed the intimacy of a man’s touch. Dreamed of it daily. So much so, that simply touching herself was no longer enough to get her off. Biting her lower lip, she sucked in a breath and steadied her nerves. Next year would be different, she promised. Next year, she’d find a man to make her feel like a woman again.


Heartbroken and alone, she flicked the lights off and ambled toward bed. If only Santa Claus were real. Maybe he’d bring me what I want.

The thought of dating again drained all energy from her limbs. She flopped down on the bed on her belly and hid her head under the pillow. Ugh. Why can’t this be simpler?

* * *

A while later, the light tinkling sound of bells woke her. She opened her eyes and rolled onto her left side too look at the tree. One of the ornaments must have come loose, but how? Instead, she saw a shadow pass across the doorway. Instantly she sat up in bed. Her hand felt for the nightstand drawer handle. Inside she kept a pistol for just such occasions. “Hello? Who’s there?”

Again the blur moved, this time coming to rest in the doorway. A man, dressed in red and white. He took up the entire space the door had to offer.

She froze and blinked, not quite believing her eyes. “Santa Claus?” she whispered. “Oh come on, that can’t be true.”

Yet, as she stared, it became obvious the man glowed. Not an electric Christmas light glow, but some other-worldly, paranormal type sparkle over his entire form. And the look in his eyes was radiantly happy, not the sneaky, determined look of a criminal. Again she tried to figure out who he was.

As if reading her thoughts, he nodded, giving a soft chuckle. “Yes, it’s me. You got me.” He held out his hands. His hands were wide and his fingers strong and stubby. “It happens sometimes, but normally it’s the kids who see me, not the grownups.”

Shaking her head, she gaped some more. “I-I don’t know what to think.”

He stepped into the room, glowing brightly. “Yes, you do.”

Sitting up, she got a better idea of his size. The man was tall, super-tall, and while he had girth, he wasn’t fat. His eyes were blue and twinkling with mirth, as if he knew a secret. One meant only for her. His gaze warmed her from head to toe and suddenly she felt giddy. “You-you left me a present?”

He nodded. “One or two. But I really came to give you the one you want most.”At her sharp inhale he held up a hand. “But only if you truly want it. It’s your choice.”

Her jaw dropped. Whoa. Santa just offered to fuck me! She didn’t know whether to cheer or run. “Am I crazy or did you just…”

“Yep.” He undid the buttons on his red and white jacket and held it open. Underneath he wore a plain white t-shirt, like Oliver used to wear. The muscles of his chest strained against the fabric, and clung to the curve of his waist before tucking into red and white pants.

She licked her lips, admiring the view. Santa, chiseled? Holy shit.

“And, you may as well see the rest of the offer, before you make up your mind.” He slowly unzipped his pants to reveal a candy cane striped pair of boxers. After undoing the snap on those, his thick cock sprang out. Long and rigid, it pointed straight at her. Its tip glistened with a shiny creamy bead.

Her pussy clenched, and a crazy thought assailed her. “I don’t suppose you taste like peppermint candy, do you?”

For the first time, he looked bashful. “Actually, yeah. I do.”

“No way. Come here.”

Taking short steps, he crossed to the bed. As soon as she could reach it, she lowered her head and licked. “Oh my God, you do!”

Wrapping her hand around his shaft, she sucked more forcefully, eliciting a sexy moan from Santa. His hand came to the back of her head and rested there.

“Take anything you want. Tonight I’m your present.” He bent low and reached his other hand down to her thighs.

She parted them, grateful for his silent offer, and his touch slid up her nightgown to her panties. Pausing for a moment, she slid them off, then continued sucking his cock.

His finger slid into her cunt, and stung a little, like ice-cold peppermint ice cream. Her nerve endings tingled, and then got used to the extra burn. In a twisted sort of way, it turned her on. He waggled his fingers right over her chilled clit and the world spun. Having a man’s touch down there felt way better than a battery-powered plastic toy. It felt real, and so did the balls under her fingertips. Best of all were his grunts of pleasure.

“Yes. Oh, you’re good at that. Yes.” Soon he thrust his hips and his finger worked faster. They found a rhythm and rocked into each other’s touch. Their moans grew louder, their tempo faster. They reached the precipice and both tumbled over into pleasure, her pussy convulsing over the white hot cool of his finger as his cock ejaculated peppermint cream in her mouth.

All too soon, he removed his finger and cock. She mewled in disappointment, wanting more. Looking into his eyes, she saw he did too. Without waiting for directions, she got on all fours and Santa seated his candy cane cock at her entrance. With one push he rammed it all the way inside.

“Yes, Santa, yes!” She rocked against him, quickening their pace, unable to wait for release.

When his fingers dug into her ass and forced her to accept his speed, submissive shivers started down her spine.

“You’ve been a good girl, Lori. Too good. Now you’re going to take my cock like the naughty girl I know you really are.” With every thrust, his head seemed to swell larger, and his shaft longer. Or maybe it was the peppermint burn, or the heat of his words, of someone finally acknowledging her needs. Awash in relief, she let herself go, her mind and body fully under his control.

He grunted in approval, and the sound curled her toes. “That’s it. Take me, Lori. Take all of me and come!”

As he plunged in again, she screamed. She gushed and clenched over his commanding rod, her body shaking in a pattern she though it had long forgotten. The fact it was Santa Claus making her come this hard only sweetened the experience. Addicted to his peppermint authority, she decided she’d be extra good next year. Or else she’d move to the North Pole and become an elf. A very willing elf.

Merry Christmas!


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3 thoughts on “#masturbationmonday Naughty Santa drops in with his peppermint candy cane!

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  2. Merry Christmas to her! Now I definitely know what (or who) I WANT for Christmas this year!

    I think its awesome he tastes like peppermint! Mmmmminty fresh breath the fun way 😉

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