Six Sentence Sunday – #MFRW #PNR #sixsentencesunday from #werewolf wip

Yep. I’m still working on the shifter story. Not sure yet where this will end up. It’s already longer than the 15k I’d originally envisioned. Perhaps I’m working on part II just to see where it ends!

I did a little name changing with the characters. Jonah is now Chase and Kate is now April. The working title on this one is Chasing April.

* * *

Sexy dude‘Bastian nodded and entered the room. “I heard you had a run-in with Rayden. Finished him off.”

“I did.” He draped his arm across my shoulders.“Actually, April is the one that gets the honors for the kill.”

‘Bastian’s eyes widened and for the first time, he looked straight at me. “Does she now? Who is this lovely lass, then?”

Chase stood a little straighter, a little taller and stuck out his chin as well as his chest. “My mate.”

I wanted to say, wait a minute, not for 29 and a half more days I’m not, but ‘Bastian closed in on me and my mouth went dry. His energy surrounded me like a suffocating glove. How the hell did Chase stand it?

‘Bastian drew a deep inhale, assessing my scent as his gunmetal grey gaze bored into my soul. From his stature alone, I had no doubts that this man would kill me with a flick of his wrist if I ever so much as stepped on his pinky toe. But my wolf, though anxious in his presence, seemed to accept his right and ability to kill me as perfectly logical. “No, she’s not,” he stated. “You haven’t mated her yet.”

“I will.” Chase’s snarl conjured a nearly tangible threat.

‘Bastian jerked a step back, leaving socially proper space between us. Confusion flashed in his eyes. “Is she…?”

“One of us? Yes. Newly turned.” Chase tensed ever so slightly, the change in his demeanor very subtle but I sensed it as though his body were right on top of mine.

‘Bastian’s attitude changed too. He emanated an icy chill that swept over me, lowering the temperature in the room by several degrees. “Who turned her?”

My wolf took notice when Chase crossed his arms over his chest before he answered, as though he were readying for the coming objection. “Rayden. Before he died.”

“Rayden.” ‘Bastian spat the word as though Chase had said the devil.

In my opinion, he wasn’t far off. My gut churned remembering the near rape. All the sudden the room blistered with heat. Nauseated, I kept my eyes focused on the floor and prayed I didn’t keel over or hurl on the spotless shiny wood. As I stood silently, I saw ‘Bastian rush toward me, arm raised as though to bitch slap me all the way to hell.

 * * * 

So there’s a little unhappiness in the pack over April’s soon-to-be mating to Chase. Will she agree to let Chase mate her? Will she go crazy like ‘Bastian’s ex mate? (Spoiler!) And when the hell will we get back to the hot sex?

Those answers are coming up soon…

Thanks for reading!



2 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday – #MFRW #PNR #sixsentencesunday from #werewolf wip

  1. Okay. That was an awesome teaser. Lots of questions left unanswered. Lots of emotions. And, oh god, scary as hell with him coming at her looking like he’s going to hit her. Can’t wait to find out more!

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