Alphabet erotica and genre overload! #menage #erotica new release!

It’s darn near impossible sometimes to overload on genres, but with this newest release, I just may come close!

Book: Double the Fantasy

Genre(s): Contemporary, F/F, F/M/F, Menage, M/F, kink, secret baby, men’s sexual fantasies, interracial, multicultural, erotica, lesbian, bisexual, spanking


Double the Fantasy smaller

So….let’s start with how the story begins. Two (F/F) lesbians seduce a man in a movie theater, providing his ultimate (menage) fantasy. Ted loves the girl-on-girl action and the girl-guy-girl action plus the girl-on-girl porno playing on the screen in place of his sci-fi flick. For Ted, it’s as though he’s died and gone to full-on (F/M/F) menage heaven.

But wait! Five weeks later he gets a little surprise. Why would two (lesbian)s seduce a man in a movie theater if not to get one of them pregnant? Sperm bank, you ask? Yes, they tried, but it didn’t work. So Ted unknowingly becomes a donor and a (secret baby) father when he thought all he was doing was having hot sex!

Then they introduce him to Charleen. Asian and sexy, he’s seen her in the porno movie naked and moaning and he wants her in his bed badly. But first, is she a lesbian too, and does she only want to get pregnant?

How many secret babies can there be in one erotic book?

Well, in this there’s only one, but there are two double sex scenes that definitely require all of those genres listed above, and maybe a few more. If they ran all together they’d be F/F F/M/F and then M/F and lastly M/F/F and F/F.

I’m sure Ted enjoys being the only M in that long string of letters!

This book is .99 on Smashwords  and for the same price. It will reach other retailer sites soon!

Sharpen your alphabet skills before it’s too late!



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