It’s not hard to get it up! Just give me a little more time…. #masturbationmonday #shifter #pnr Yeti!

Yay! My latest erotic novella is up for sale on Smashwords. It will take a little time for me to get it up (hee hee) everywhere, but it will happen!

In other news, Hot Holiday Treats anthology is an All Romance Ebooks best seller! In honor of the news, I think I’ll do a little impromptu Yeti scene today. Roshan is the only guy I know that can get it up in a snow storm!

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????Roshan slid his hand up his rigid, ribbed length, enjoying the sensation of his warm shaft tickling his cool palm. When he reached the end he gave his head a squeeze, trying to imagine sinking inside Kaylee’s moist, eager mouth.

Kaylee... he’d assumed she’d been asleep next to him on the bed, but the way her body had reacted as he’d drifted his touch over her, checking for injuries, made him wonder. Plus, she’d gone damp between her legs when he cautiously stroked her mound. He’d smelled the spicy scent of her arousal. It wouldn’t have taken much for him to unzip her snowmobile suit, free her body from the wet clinging panties and sink his fingers into her slippery wetness. From the way her pelvis rose at such a soft caress, she must harbor a sensitive clit. If so, all the better. She’d come for him easily, over and over again.

He groaned, picturing her naked body undulating, dancing for him blind drunk on passion, and clenched his teeth. His palm, no longer cold, quickened its pace, moving up and down as though to smooth out his flesh from his aching balls to his throbbing head. Every stroke brought him closer to orgasm, but what he wanted more than a hasty self release lay a few scant miles away. So close, he could be with her in minutes. He gave a sharp jab with his hips, his cock pointing right at her snow-covered cabin like a homing beacon. He might come at his own hand, but he’d never be satisfied until he sank all the way inside her. Molten need coiled so deep in his guts, its intensity shocked him.

He whimpered her name and his hot seed released. It flew toward her in streams, desperate to fill her. Shuddering, he sank to his heels. Claim her, the beast inside him warned, or I will.

Feel free to read more about the Yeti here:

Until next week – be naughty!





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