#MasturbationMonday Double the Fantasy #Menage #erotic excerpt


I am still narrowing down the name on this one. I am making progress though and got 2/3 of the way through edits today. 🙂 Very soon I will be done, little darlings. Verra soon!

So, in the last Masturbation Monday I think we did the first theater scene. Yep, there’s a second one. Betcha didn’t know that didja? Ha! Gotta keep you guessing, that’s my job!

* * *


Lesbian couple

At my side, Kelly lets out a breathy moan.

I’m more than happy to let her watch me fuck my wife and set a steady pace, all the while cognizant that I’m going to come far sooner than I desire.

Charleen’s gaze finds mine and in it I see that she wants me to take control. I still Charleen’s hips, curve my hand around Kelly’s backside and bring her closer. “She comes first, then you.”

My wife opens her mouth to protest, but instead obeys. With her hand still buried between Kelly’s thighs, she looks as though she’s concentrating. When I glance up at Kelly, her eyes are closed and her head is tilted back. She looks blissful, but I need her coming. Without asking her permission, I reach up and grab her breast.

Kelly clutches Charleen’s shoulder and arches her back. With Charleen’s hand practically buried in her cunt, she comes, forcefully. I can feel her legs shake against mine and squeeze her nipple harder. Kelly covers my hand with her own and holds it steady as her orgasm continues into round two.

I turn my attention to my wife. Her face has gone from sheer concentration to a mixture of need and pain. I can feel her cunt squeezing my cock, know she’s desperate to reach the peak. A few seconds later, Kelly’s orgasm finishes. Lifting my hips, I nudge Charleen’s pussy letting her know it’s her turn. She straightens and begins to ride me. At once her demeanor relaxes, but I’m not going to let her uncoil for long.

Grabbing each hip, I pull her forward and slam her back, all the way down my shaft. As hard as I can, I repeat the motion. Each time she lets out a short, jerky cry. I’m pulsing in her hard, needing to come, but this isn’t about my pleasure. Not for the first time, I wish for some way to tie her up, or paddle her beautiful behind. Without adequate preparation though, I was reduced to an order. But I didn’t want to command her to come. Instead, I follow my kinkier instincts.

“Kelly, kiss her. Kiss my wife.” God, just saying the words out loud turn my balls to fire. Commanding another woman to help me fuck my wife was even better than watching two women together. Being the orchestrater lends a whole new level of excitement to the scene I’d never imagined experiencing.


* * *

This story will be out shortly, probably by Christmas! Have you been GOOD this year? Hmmm? Perhaps you’ll get to read it. 🙂

Happy Masturbation Monday!



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