Author @tara_andrews1 chases the fall chill away with her #sexy #1NS from @decadentpub #giveaway

Scary Halloween pumpkins in fireAll About the Fall


Thank you, Eva, for having me here today, and for offering up the challenge to write about pumpkins and fire.  LOL.  Hmmm… images of Cinderella pumpkins waltz in my head.  As does cozying up to a fire with a good book, a glass of wine, and snuggled against my husband (which would last maybe five minutes before the kids interrupt).  Not that I have a fireplace anyway, but a girl can dream.  It’s on my list of dream house must-haves, so maybe one day. 🙂


Actually, as Fall settles into my little corner of the world and with Halloween just around the corner, the heat is kicking on, and pumpkin spice has taken over menus everywhere.  It’s also time to participate in local events like The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Boo at the [Bronx] Zoo, go pumpkin picking, and select costumes.  All fun stuff!


I’m pretty excited about Halloween this year.  For the first time in a long while, I plan to dress up.  Well, if one considers red devil horn hair clips, a black and red wig, and a silver mask a costume, then I have a costume.  LOL.  I think it will be cute, and my kids will be shocked—which is always fun to surprise them.  Wonder what my husband will think?  I’m shooting for sexy devil  <wink>.


There are a couple of other fun things happening.  I do have a treat to offer for the week leading into Halloween.  My first contribution to Decadent Publishing’s 1Night Stand series, Long Overdue, is on sale for $0.99 on Amazon.  Also, I’ll be giving away a $25 Amazon gift card to a winner selected from my mailing list on November 30th—details are below.



Jill Malone has been looking for love for all the wrong reasons. A reality check has her signing up for a no-strings attached night to simply forget about forever after. The last thing she expected was to know her blind date.


Blake Anders doesn’t need help finding a date, but he’s tempted by 1Night Stand’s reputation of arranging exactly what a person needs. And he needs more. Though doubtful, he agrees to one night and hopes to discover his perfect match. He didn’t count on Madame Eve reaching deep into his past to give him a night with the woman he never forgot.


Fearing another broken heart, Jill works to keep herself from becoming attached, but Blake goes all in to convince her that he wants their long-overdue love to be more than a one-night stand…



“Are you staying?”

Why beat around the bush? Jill didn’t know at what point within the last ten seconds she reached her decision, but she nodded. If she didn’t take this opportunity—this gift—she’d regret it for the rest of her days. Madame Eve matched her to Blake Anders, a man she once had a major crush on. Further, the man in front of her was a better, hotter, version of the college kid she’d known. Such a chance came once in a lifetime.

“Good.” He strode toward her, his gaze intense. When inches separated them, he stopped and removed the overnight bag from her grasp. The warmth of his touch and the slide of skin on skin, slow and deliberate, made the contact more personal than it should have been. He pulled the bag from her limp fingers and dropped it to the floor at their feet. “Let’s get something out of the way.” Delicious anticipation ran through her at the intention evident in his voice.

When he cupped her face, her gaze dropped from his stunning blue eyes to his perfect mouth. She wanted him to kiss her. She wanted him. At a sound much like a moan, she looked back up into his eyes. A moment passed between them, a silent request and permission granted before he lowered his head to hers.

The warmth of his lips brushed against hers, first one way then the other. His soft breath feathered along her skin, igniting an ache to lean in, to demand more. Instead she held her breath, afraid to move. Afraid to do anything to end the gratifying pressure of his lips pressed against hers. Then she breathed and all too soon he pulled away.

When she opened her eyes she found him searching her face. His expression a little too serious, too deep. When his touch slid away from her cheeks she thought, with a pang, he experienced second thoughts. But then his arms banded around her and pulled her against his body. His mouth covered hers with less tenderness and a lot more purpose.

After a brief moment of disbelief, she gave herself over to the nerves, excitement, and desire battling for dominance. Desire pulled ahead when he deepened the embrace. His tongue circled once, twice, and then pulled on hers between his lips. Achy heat hit her right between the legs. She may have whimpered. Hoped not. She grasped his arms and responded with an intensity that matched his. All too aware of the hard length of him pressed against her belly, proving he did want her to stay.


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Tara Andrews divides her time between a full-time job as an office manager, an even more full-time job as a wife and mother, and her dream job as a romance author.  An avid reader and writer, Tara continuously seeks to hone her craft in order to provide readers with stories that are provocative yet romantic.


Tara lives in upstate New York with her wonderful husband and two fabulous children.


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