#MasturbationMonday Geeky work in progress #Menage #erotic excerpt


I have another short today from my story which I just finished. Yay! It involves 2 different menage scenes with four different women and one lucky guy. Ted somehow learns to roll with the punches though there are a lot of them! Charleen offers herself to him as a sub and he rises to the occasion in this short snippet:

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????* * *


Charleen plucks the tiny whip from the bed and holds it up. “What about this?”

“Fuck it.” I toss the thing aside and grab her, pulling her against my body. I bring one hand up into her line of sight. “I don’t need that. I have these. I’m going to give you exactly what you need, Charleen. Are you ready?”

She shivers in my arms but I can see her eyes glaze over with desire. Her mouth opens as she tilts her head and arches her back, offering herself to me.

I can barely breathe through the pride in my throat. Knowing I have her trust fills my groin with heat. But I sit down on the bed, gently laying her over my legs, taking my time. With her tight creamy ass beckoning, I do what comes most naturally. I lift my hand and spank her right cheek. Not too hard, but medium. Enough to sting.

Her legs and torso jerk. She gives a sharp cry but it sounds more like surprise than distress.

I give her other cheek one too, and then knead it roughly between my fingers. Massaging in the burn.

She moans slightly and turns her head to look at me. Her expression is half expectant, half hesitation. Does she want more? Harder?

Taking a chance she needs more contact, I lift my hand and lay a strike on the back of her thigh, right on the tender skin. She yelps, and I’m about to apologize when wetness drips from her cunt onto my leg.

My cock, pressing against her hipbone, leaks pre-cum in response. I start breathing hard and so does she. When she wriggles on my lap she rubs against my shaft and I squirm, trying to hold back. But I want to fuck her so badly I’m not sure how much longer I can resist. To get this over with quick, I give her other leg a slap nice and hard.

The moan she lets out undoes me.


* * *


Happy Masturbation Monday!



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