My #menage has a first name … almost #sixsentencesunday #erotica

Today, my internet was down for OVER TEN HOURS! Yeah, it was a bit rough. To entertain myself, I went shopping. But I found a whole bunch of nada. So then, I came home, ate dinner and finished my menage.

Actually, that’s two menages in one.

See, first Ted has menage sex with two lesbian women, then he has menage sex with two straight women. So… I guess I could call this Double the Pleasure or Double Fantasy. Or.. Double His Pleasure. Hmmm.

Well, as I said, I’m nearly there! It’s double something!

And now for today’s Six Sentence Sunday. In it, Ted and Charleen are discussing the F/F porno she made with her friend Kelly, the very one used to entice Ted into the menage in the movie theater:



“Tell me. When she licked your pussy did she do it right? Did she give you everything you needed?”

She moans and the sound is steeped with lustful anticipation. I know without asking further that she needs what I can give her. A woman’s touch is different from a man’s, after all. I don’t intend to lick her pussy delicately.


Find out what else Ted and Charleen do, as well as the lesbian lovers Allison and Meaghan and their friend Kelly, in Double the Pleasure …. or … Double Fantasy… or…..

Double Something!!





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