#MasturbationMonday #GLBT contemporary #erotic excerpt


Do all of my characters masturbate? Funny you ask. Most of them seem to, and if it’s not on the page, they’re sure as heck thinking about it!

Today, I’m bringing you another male masturbation scene, this one from my latest release, Dom of Destruction. In this scene, the Dom, Gar, is alone in the kink club and missing his sub, Brian. It’s not a very long or very graphic scene, just a lonely man doing what comes naturally!

* * *

He manned the front desk while Donny took over his sub, constantly raising his head each time the front door opened, hoping to see Brian walk through. But no. Brian lay in a hospital bed beaten and sore, and it was all Gar’s fault. All my doing, my responsibility. Just like Angel.

At least he hadn’t let things go that far. He’d stopped himself from getting too close to Brian and being hurt by him. But he’d come damn close. Before the club closed for the night, as he did his final walkthrough, he stopped by the cell room he’d shared with Brian and stood inside for a long time, replaying every second of their interaction. Before long, his cock hardened. Alone, he fished it out and it jutted there, leaking in front of him. With each stroke of his hand the pressure built, but the tension in his body eased. He gave himself over to the pleasure of the fantasy and came, shouting Brian’s name in the empty room. It echoed off the cement walls around him, reverberating back in surround-sound. With a deep sigh, he tucked his wet dick back into his pants, and head hanging in defeat knowing he’d never have Brian again, went home.

* * *

Find out what happens when Brain demands Gar drop all his other subs and be his alone, something Gar is not crazy about, but a visit to his ex lover has the power to change his mind…

Happy Masturbation Monday!



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