Six Sentence Sunday – #MFRW #PNR #sixsentencesunday from #werewolf wip

?????????????????Jonas is a werewolf who’s going to have a tough time convincing Kate that she’s his mate. Will he claim her against her will or will he wait? And if he waits, will Kate come to trust the fact her new wolf is telling her – they belong together?


* * *

He held me upright, pressing my body against his. The warmth of his panting breaths, the demanding firmness of his supple lips, teased my collar bone and my neck. His leaking hard-on lay trapped between us, warm and firmly jabbing into my belly. “Feel better?” he rasped out.

His throaty tone reached deep into my core and squeezed. I could smell the precum leaking out of his swollen crown. The scent seemed to fill the room, enveloping me in a lusty daze. How could it be I needed this man I’d met only an hour ago so badly? Not caring to linger on the question, I rocked my hips, rubbing against his cock. “Yes, actually, but you sound like you feel a lot worse.”

He let out the most beautiful tortured groan. “You’re so fucking gorgeous, Kate. Lovely.”

The news shocked me. Made me feel good and wanted. Like a hussy I ground against his erection some more.

“Kate… I can’t promise to control myself if you do that.”

“Then don’t.”

 * * * 

She’s given in to what her body needs, but will she consent to be his mate? Time will tell!

Thanks for reading!



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