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Gay porn – the first date ice breaker!

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Eva Lefoy - Dom of Destruction Book Tour

Welcome to Sensuous Promo’s DOM OF DESTRUCTION Book Tour.

Gay porn solves all problems by Eva Lefoy

Well it may not be 100% true that porn solves all gay men’s problems, but it sure is a great ice breaker. And porn is prevalent enough in the gay world that everybody’s seen it, owned it, and more than likely catalogued it and filed it away in their memory!

When Gar and Brian get together at his condo in a “sort of date,” Gar immediately asks if Brian has any porn. That’s not a question you’d hear a man asking a woman on a first or second date, and you more than likely would not hear a woman asking a man that either. But guy to guy? Yep. It’s right up there with “Hand me that hammer, will you?”

There are things guys – and gay guys especially – just aren’t shy…

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