#MasturbationMonday #GLBT sci-fi romance #erotic excerpt


So far we’ve seen some of my female characters getting off by themselves, but what about the male ones? They of course do it too. Some say with more frequency. Others… would argue that point! LOL

Today, I’m bringing you a masturbation scene from a FREE SciFi erotic short of mine called Tyre’s Dilemma. It is a prequel to my erotic M/M novella, Seducing Kayn. In this scene, the commander is masturbating to the fantasy of his second officer, Kayn, sucking his cock.

* * *

“Kayn.” I whispered his name on a groan as my hand squeezed my cock, the rubber tubing encasing my shaft making it hard to feel anything, but the VR goggles enhancing my mind’s vivid fantasy of my second officer so well that I was about to come, and come hard. Every night I did this. Every single night.

Rolling slightly onto my side, I spread my legs. The ring constricting my balls stretched them taut. I loved to feel both pleasure and pain as I shot my load. I loved to imagine nothing but Kayn sucking me off.


God, the man had a lover. A rich, pampered one, too. Rhace was the type of guy whose heart beat only for wealth, sophistication and luxury. I harbored no doubts it did not beat for Kayn. Not like mine did.

Watching Kayn on the bridge in his uniform, his jagged profile both alluring and all-male, I often scooted my gaze toward him while no one was looking. The images fed my secret fantasies of him and me, me and him, together, naked, all over each other. I wanted him so badly, I couldn’t help but come to the sanctity of his image. “Kaynnnn.” I groaned, my cock becoming thicker and heavier. I imagined his sturdy lips around me, his no-nonsense approach to duty focused on my naked cock. No disposal units between us, only skin and breath Fuck, how I wanted him.

A few seconds later, I hit the wall. Orgasm imminent. Again tonight, the waste disposal units would suck away my ejaculated fluids, record them, measure them, analyze. I hated those stupid things and the idiotic rule that said no loose bodily liquids in space. Hell. Next they’d tell us no breathing and measure that, too.

But I was panting, grunting as I stroked my cock, the small bit of pain coming from my tortured balls enough to keep me on the sweet edge of surrender while my imagination provided the rest. Kayn, kneeling in front of me. Kayn, moaning my name.

“Fuck!” My hips jerked up as warm wet liquid surged up my shaft and into the tube. I shook with the release, my breath stuttering out of me. With each pump I pictured Kayn’s mouth on me, sucking me down. Though it was never to be.

Finally I lay there with my eyes closed, the VR goggles blanked out. I didn’t need them to see my fantasy  I already had firmly implanted in my mind.

* * *

Find out what happens when Tyre finally gets a chance to seduce Kayn and the sex is hotter than both men can handle!

Happy Masturbation Monday!



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